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Iditarod Math
One of our school traditions is to read and learn about the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska every year. We always research the mushers and have a class vote about which one\'s progress to track once the race begins (here are our past Iditarod posts (More)
Iditarod 2014
It\'s Iditarod time again! We are excited to participate in the More)
Iditarod Update #2
The 2014 Iditarod Champion is...Dallas Seavey! Congratulations, Dallas! We wrote in the last post that the end of the race wo (More)
Iditarod Update #1
Posted March 9: Our class is on Spring Break this upcoming week. Before the break we were eagerly following the Iditarod and checki (More)
Iditarod 2013
The Iditarod is starting in less than two weeks! Every year, kids from our school participate in the eIditarod, an online pro (More)
Iditarod Update!
The 2013 Iditarod champion is: Mitch Seavey! After 9 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes and 56 seconds of racing, Mitch Seavey arrived into Nome just after midnight on Tuesday night. Aliy Zirkle finished in second place, just like she did last year. Mit (More)
It's Iditarod time!
UPDATE: Our musher, Ramey Smyth, came in third place! The first place musher was Dallas Seavey. He is the youngest winner in the history of the race! Con (More)
Science of Sled Dogs
Our class participates in the eIditarod every year. It gives us a chance to learn about a (More)
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