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Fairytale Festival
We had a great time performing for our family and friends at the Fairy Tale Festival and Carriage Expo.  This was a great way to learn about stories, poetry, and dramas, as well as incorporate descriptive writing.  Take a look. [gallery ids="1606, (More)
Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales, Read Them Everyday!
We all know and love fairy tales.  Take some time to complete our survey to let us know what your favorites are. Loading... Albert Einstein once said that to be intelligent you should read fairy tales, and if you want to be more intelligent you (More)
Fairy Tales with a Twist-Part One
Our class has been studying fairy tales and other folktales.  Take a look at the project Emma has done using Story Jumper.  This project is part of our Fairy Tales with a Twist p (More)
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