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Engineering Week
This week we are learning about engineering. We learned that there are many types of engineers, like computer engineers, aerospace engineers, and industrial engineers. Before we started talking about engineering most of us thought that engineers were (More)
Learning About Engineering
By Andrea My sister Tania visited our class this week. Tania is an electrical engineering student at Arizona S (More)
Spaghetti Tower Challenge
Teacher's Note: This activity was inspired by this great post from Mrs. Northrup.  Ever since More)
Mr. Davo Devil Visits from Down Under
  We were fortunate to have Mr. 'Davo' Devil  and Miss W visit (More)
Never Get an Addition or Subtraction Problem Wrong Again!
Mrs. Fraher went to a math class by Kim Sutton and learned about the digital root of a number. When she taught us, she gave us a challenge to try to find (More)
PAWS 4 Life Visits Room 207
We read a book called "Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story" by Stephanie Calmenson.   Mrs. Fraher wanted us to connect to the story so she invited actual therapy and service dogs for (More)
Legend of the Lost Dutchman
Mysterious events, creatures hidden among cracks and crevices, unforgiving terrain, and the thunder god watching over those who seek the gold.  All of these help describe the mysteries of the Superstition Mountains.  Our school is nestled amongst the (More)
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