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Is this a drill?
So, you know how we practice fire drills a few times a year? And how the kids always ask \"Is this a drill?\" Well today my answer to that questions was \"NO\"! Toward the end of our district benchmark testing today, the fire alarm went off! As al (More)
Crew Words
As the 1st semester came to an end, we asked our 6th grade Crew members to look back and reflect. After being a part of our Crew for 2 quarters, students were asked many questions including how they felt about their jobs, how much they liked being a (More)
Great day!
Today we had our Back to School Fair at Four Peaks! It was such a great day! I spent the morning in my classroom welcoming our new group of 6th graders. I had the chance to meet a bunch of new kids as well as see some familiar faces! After seeing the (More)
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