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Facts You May Not Know...Benjamin Franklin
Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am here to answer the question... Who was Benjamin Franklin? More)
Constitution Week Fun
Well, we just finished our annual Constitution Week festivities.  All week we learned about important events leading up to the founding of our country and some important US symbols.  It was great fun and everyone learned so much.  We ended the week w (More)
The U.S Constitution
My name is Campbell. This page is about the U.S Constitution. The reason I\'m writing about the U.s Constitution is because I did a presentation on the U.S Constitution during my class\' Family Follies Day at school. I used orginalzational features i (More)
Constitution Week 2014
It is so important for children to understand the sacrifices our ancestors gave toward making our country a free and amazing place to live.  So, each September we learn about the birth of America and some of the important places that symbolize our fr (More)
Finding Our Fact "Families"
Today students were given a fact and without saying a word they had to walk around and find all the facts in their family. As they found each other they linked arms and shared why they were a fact family with the rest of the class. When asked to expl (More)
Constitution Week Fun!
WOW, what a week we had.  Since September 17th was Constitution Day, our class decided to go all out and celebrate the week in style!  Take a look at all of the things we learned, celebrated, and created.  You will be amazed! Brooke and Morgan cre (More)
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