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Modeling Year Around
I am fascinated when watching my staff teach, model, and reinforce beginning of the year procedures.  It takes very little time to turn those procedures into the routines that will create an environment that is conducive to learning.  A magic wand co (More)
written by Mrs. Renzullli in 2012 After reading My Name is Maria Isabel, what are your reflections about Maria? If you had to give some advice what would you say to Maria throughout her situation in the story? Inform me about one thing that (More)
Close Reading
On our second day of school, my awesome 6th graders undertook their first reading assignment: close reading! Many of them had experienced it before, but for majority of the students this was their first time working with the text in this way! We r (More)
Teaching on Video: 3rd Grade Science Lesson
On this blog we'll be sharing videos of teaching using the Common Core State Standards. This is a video of a third grade small group science lesson; this science lesson was also designed to address the Common Core English Language Arts objectives. Af (More)
Common Core and PBL
We are concluding a week of Common Core professional development by connecting it with PBL, 21st century learning, 1 to 1, individualized instruction, through rigor, re (More)
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