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Coaching Chronicles
Every year our Collaboration Coaches create Coaching Chronicles as a way to share back to others what More)
A Glimpse into 6th Grade
Today 6th graders in Mrs. Woronec's class started their first project on the five elements of a short story.  Students learned yesterday what a cooperative learning group is and talked about what listening looks like and sounds like.  Today they appl (More)
Collaboration Coaching Overview
Collaboration Coaching is about 1) creating 21st century, student-centered classrooms to increase student achievement, 2) collaborating with colleagues. Our Collaboration Coaches defined 21st century learning and what student-centered classrooms l (More)
Mission Possible!
My team this year consists of my 6th grade cohorts minus Elisa who is also a collaboration coach and will be working with a different trio.  (More)
Introduction to DVES Collaboration Coaching
The DVES Collaboration Coaches are a team of teachers working together to build relationships that promote and develop 21st century learning skills in the classroom. Collaboration coaches must first build relationships with a teacher or team of teach (More)
Collaboration Coaching in AJUSD
This post was created collaboratively by the Year 1 Collaboration Coaches: Bethany Sole, Colleen Tucker, More)
June 4th Collaboration Coaching Meet and Greet
On June 4th, all new Collaboration Coaches, returning Collaboration Coaches, and Principals will meet, plan, and prepare for our 2012-2013 school year. We will revisit the goals set during March More)
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