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International Dot Day
International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th to share our creativity and self expression! It is based on a book called "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds in which a little girl changes her mind and (More)
Week before Labor Day Weekend
This past week was filled with routine! Finally, our learning procedures and routine paid off. After testing all of the week before I think the class and I appreciated this low key regular work week! Our student of the week this week was Ashley and s (More)
A fantastic week!
I picked this picture because they were working nice and this is why I picked that pictur (More)
Here's my first attempt at blogging for educational purposes 🙂 Please, please please read the about section to read the rules and guidelines before continuing... ...alright, you must have read them! Thank you so much for visiting this site. My sc (More)
1st day of summer
Wow, this year went by much faster then expected. It definitely started off rough seeing as my school last year was closed due to budget cuts and the whole district was moved around. Four Peaks started as individual teachers and ended as a family, cl (More)
The Land Where the Sunsets
Morocco... Images, words, phrases, emotions run through my head with that country's name. My first two weeks of summer was spent in the land where sun the sunsets. Th (More)
It still feels like a crazy dream
The title explains it all! The two weeks that we were there went by in a blur like fashion. Before we knew it the teachers were throwing a surprise party which included home baked treats, coffee (they got to know me quite well), and presents for us. (More)
Chaotic Fun
Chaotic Fun....that's always the way I describe the first quarter of school! I am not quite sure where the time went but it flew by very quickly. Your students and I have grown to know and truly care for each other as a classroom. I'm so excited to s (More)
New last name, new grade level and new room!
Wow, it has been a while! I wanted to post the first blog of the new school year so when you got the website at back to school Saturday you had something fun to read and view! I would love to share some recent and big changes that have occurred in my (More)
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