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Chemistry PSA
For our Chemistry unit we are working on creating a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about a safety issue. We are working with the Apache Junction Fire Department to create this video. The best video (of all the classes) will have the opportunity to (More)
Puff Mobile
Students are busy designing, building, and testing their Puff Mobile. Students were given Life Savers, paperclips, straws, and paper. The objective was to demonstrate velocity. They had to build a "vehicle" that could travel at least 1m. See the resu (More)
Do you know about Free Rice?
Post written by: Noah, Zach, and Eric, all are enrolled in our class "group" in Free Rice, called "The Dragon's Den." You can join our class "group" called The Dragon's Den, and help us feed the hungry people of the world. Just click on Groups (More)
Christmas Generosity Update!
Mrs. Fraher here.  We just received an update from the headmaster at Bensesa School in Nairobi, Kenya.  After wiring the money to them through Western Union, they received it just in time.   Read his email below... Hi Gina, Well we receive (More)
Christmas Turtles for Our Kenya Buddies!
We are doing this project for our Kenya Buddies at Bensesa School. They are really nice. They are from Kenya, Africa near the rainforest. They have some orphans in their school. We made some stuffed toy turtles for them because we wanted to let them (More)
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