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My Arizona Tanka
Sharing a Book
Photo C (More)
What have you discovered in Science this week?
A Peek At Our Week
We\'ve been so busy ever since school started! We are learning more about blogging so that we can start our own individual student blogs. We plan to have them set up in time to participate in the More)
Commenting Check-up
Mrs. Watanabe tagged us in a meme that originally started on the (More)
Digital Citizenship
guest post by Tracy Watanabe   Today we talked about digital citizenship and Internet safety. We talked about being members of our physical community and members of a digital community. In both communities, we have expectations for being a (More)
Project Feeder Watch Comes to a Close
Our class has had a wonderful time this year on our Project Feeder Watch.  Check out what we did and learned during this great birding project! First, we live in the Sonoran Desert so our goal was to examine and learn about the birds found in the So (More)
More Bird Stuff
Here is even more to learn about birds... Here is some information from Faye and Cassidy: (More)
Australia or Bust for Flat Selves!
How can you send 21 students and their journals to Australia for under $5.00?  It's easy-make them Flat Selves!

Flat Selves fit just about anywhere and very easy to travel.

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