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A Balinese New Year
If you've been following our blog this year, you know we have been learning about different places around the world through the #GeoShows. One of our last Skype calls with Geo Brandon took us to Indonesia. We learned amazing things about their New Ye (More)
Valentine Contest
The ballots have been counted, and here are our results! Most Creative - Matthew and Shyanne Prettiest - Anahi Neatest Work - Connor Coolest Box - Breanna Most Valentiney - Torrin Best Overall Box - Brendon We had to agree, we (More)
Dot Day 2016
This year we celebrated Dot Day with 6,953,694 people in 139 countries! The Dot is an inspirationa (More)
Promoting Peace
Earlier this school year, we did a read aloud with Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Elenor Coerr. If you have not read this before, we highly sugg (More)
Dot Day 2015
It all began on September 15, 2009 with a book, The Dot, and a classroom... Yesterday, we celebrated Inte (More)
By Way Of The Sonoran Desert
What you are about to hear are original poems written by our class! Our poetry book titled, By Way of the Sonoran Desert, highlights different animals living in our special desert. We also hope you enjoy our art painted especially to accompany our po (More)
Possible Pen Pals?
On Wednesday, we received a surprise package from Wisconsin! Inside the large envelope we found a letter from a girl named Olivia, a class photo, and a beautiful art project! More)
Shaping Up With Quadrilaterals!
We recently began our standard on shapes and their attributes. To kick this off, Mrs. Moore read us the book Shape Up! Fun with Triangles and Other Polygons  (More)
Valentine Box Creations
For this Valentine’s Day, we were given the opportunity to decorate a box at home to collect our lovely Valentine cards! Finally, the day we would celebrate was here! We brought in our innovative creations, and before collecting cards, we voted on th (More)
Holiday Card Exchange
Our class is super excited to be a part of the Jen Wagner\'s Holiday Card Exchange! We are sending 30 cards to classes all over the United States and one to (More)
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