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New School Year, New Room!
Desert Vista is excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to meeting my "school family" and begin building lasting memories. This year I am teaching second grade and moved into a new room to go along with the new grade level. T (More)
Jump, Jump Jump Around
What plant jumps more than a basketball player and is more painful than a shot? Arizona, more specifically the Sonoran Desert, is home to a special plant nicknamed the "jumping cactus" and is feared by Arizona dwellers for a very good reason.  Its r (More)
We Are the Champions!
                                               A couple months ago we took the AIMS test.  This test was supposed to see how we did in third grade.   Were we worried like the iFake Text above said?  No way! [caption id="attachment_716" align="al (More)
Arizona Spring: A Wonderful Surprise
As summer begins heating up in the Valley of the Sun, we can look back on our Arizona spring with fond memories.  This spring was especially beautiful because of the increased rainfall in the winter.  Our class even used this time to write some poetr (More)
Arizona is sometimes very HOT!  It has lots of cactus.  Cactus is a plant that has spike things called stickers.  Here are three very (More)
My Habitat
This is yet my second blog  post for you amazing viewers,visitors, and commenters.  This blog post will be about where I live and visit in Arizona.  I will be discussing the Superstition Mountain Range.   The Superstitions as some people c (More)
We're Lovin' Arizona!
Wow, I am not sure I have ever met anyone that was 100 years old before, but I do know of a certain state that is 100 years old.  Arizona celebrated its ce (More)
A Must Read by Lilly!
Hi, I’m Lillian  and I’m in 3rd grade at Peralta Trail Elementary. I (More)
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