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After we read "12 ways to make 11" we thought of other ways we could create eleven using pictures of objects. There were some very creative pictures here are just a few...  More)
What is a civilization?
Think about all we have talked about so far. What are some of the things that are needed in order for a civilization to exist? What do you think is most important? Be sure to follow our guidelines for posting comments, and also feel free to post c (More)
Ancient Writing: Cuneiform
Last week we learned about the ancient form of writing called cuneiform. This form of writing used triangles and lines. Each student made clay and wrote their name, or initals using this ancient form of writing. We also had a challange to decode some (More)
Chicken Mummies
Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning all kinds of things about Ancient Egypt including the process of mummification! We were excited and disgusted from the start! We learned that the internal organs were taken out of the body and the i (More)
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