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Check out a new App I found called “Counting Board”.  We are going to use it in our class to play a game called “Mystery Number”.  One team, or partner picks a number and the other person asks them yes or no questions to try and guess what number they have chosen.  For example…I choose the number 5.  My partner may ask me “Is your number less than 50”, -yes. (They touch all the numbers that are greater than 50)  “Does your number have a 7 in it. -No (They touch all the numbers that have a 7).  This continues until they determine what number their partner chose.



Brain Pop Jr



2 thoughts on “Great Websites & Apps

  1. Mrs. Young,
    You are amazing!! If there were more teachers that were as passionate as you are about teaching our little ones! ! Kindergarten is such a crucial time in a child’s development, and mind frame, when it comes to setting the standard for the years of school to come!! And not only have you made Karma’s experience exciting, she’s got all the confidence in the world!! So, I woupd like to take the time to thank you.. !!!

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