What makes us Sparkle?

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Today we kept with out adjective theme in writing, but this time we turned it on the kiddos!  We talked about how adjectives make our writing sparkle!  They add more interest for our reader.  Each kiddo had to pick an egg from the bucket.  Inside each of the eggs was an adjective.  As a class we had to try and decide who that word described.  Oh my goodness can I just tell you how much fun we had!  We also realized that many of the words could fit for more than one person. What great qualities we have in our class!eggsIMG_0704

The Power of Adjectives

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Today we did a really cool ego boosting activity about adjectives!  We had been talking about descriptive words that we can use in our writing to make it more interesting for the reader.  Our kiddos came up with as many different adjectives they could think of to describe me.  I’ll admit, I was a little scared to do this with them, not knowing what they would say!  Didn’t turn out too bad I think!  Minus the grumpy and sassy!  All can be cured with coffee I suppose!