Wiggly Worms!

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On Monday this week we did some investigation and exploration worms!  To start we made our own worms and ordered them from shortest to tallest.  We got to get get up close and personal with some Canadian Night Crawlers!  A few of us found a new best friend, but a couple of us were a little more hesitant.

We learned some pretty cool facts about worms:

  • They are wiggly
  • If they get cut into 2, they will still move.
  • They have little tiny hairs on their body that helps them to move.
  • They dig
  • One end is darker then the other
  • When they crawl up their body gets fatter, as they move it gets skinny again
  • Adult worms have a ring around their body
  • Each worm is both a boy and a girl
  • They have 10 hearts
  • Their body is covered in slime, which helps them to move easier
  • They help plants grow by digging holes for the water and air in, and also help by composting
  • They don’t have eyes or ears, instead they can feel vibrations in the ground
  • They don’t have teeth
  • The pointy end of a worm is their head
  • When the worm feels a lot of water in the ground he knows it’s raining.  This is the time where they can move to a new location.