“Arrr Matey”, Skype Conference and Sealife kind of day!

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Today was a pretty busy day!  We started our week off by taking a look at words that have “ar” in them.  We came up with all different kinds of words that we use each day.  The cool things is we got to act like pirates and got to practice our best pirate “arrrrr’s”, haha!  The kiddos had a lot of fun!


Next we moved onto a virtual collaboration activity on Skype with a kindergarten class in Atlanta Georgia!  We got to play a super cool game called “Mystery Animal”.  Each classes asked each other yes or no questions as they were trying to figure out what animal each other picked.  This really helped our question formation skills.

mystery animal

In the afternoon we did some measurement.  We worked on non-standard units of measurement with crabs and starfish to measure different sea creatures.  They did such a great job.