Our Garden

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Today we read an awesome book by Janet Stevens called Tops and Bottoms and then did an activity to decide what veggies grow above ground and what ones grow below.  Once we got some background knowledge into us, we ventured out back to our school garden to check it out!  We didn’t stay too long since it was quite hot, but we had a pretty awesome time!  Almost as soon as we got out there we saw a new little family of baby quail birds scurrying across the yard.  I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to take a pick.  The Momma bird came running pretty close to us making a very loud noise.  We got to talk about how that’s her warning call to tell us to back off and make sure we leave the babies alone.  We then got to take a peak at all the lovely vegetables and herbs that are growing in the garden!  The kids were so interested, especially since we planted some of our own this week. When we came back into class we did a math data collection activity.  The kiddos got to interview 10 of their peers to find out if they have their own garden at home.  Once they collected their data they analyzed it to decide how many people had a garden and how many people didn’t.


tops and bottoms

What does a plant need?

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This week we’ve been talking about plants and their life cycle. Yesterday we took a look at the 5 things that all plants need to survive:

  • Sun
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Air
  • Space

Our kiddos did a great job creating and labeling a diagram of a plant.  Stay tuned, they are going to be finding a home on our bulletin board in the hall.  Plant Needs plant