100’s Day

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Last week was a pretty rough week here in Kindergarten.  We had many kiddos out with various illnesses.  Unfortunately it was also a very exciting week!  We started off the week with 100’s Day.  This is where we celebrated the 100th day of school!.  We did some really fun counting activities, changed our faces into 100 year old people, and even made portraits and wrote about what we think our lives will be like if we live to see 100!

Here’s some of our ideas:

  • I will have to use a wheel chair
  • I will have to use a cane
  • I will sit in a rocking chair
  • I will have a beard
  • I will have wrinkles on my face
  • My hair will turn grey
  • I may be bald
  • I will walk slowly and quietly
  • I will no longer have pets
  • I will need help doing things
  • I will need to take pills each day to stay healthy
  • I will drink coffee
  • I will have dentures
  • I will need hearing aids
  • You must talk loud for me to hear you
  • I will eat eggs and vegetables
  • I will get fat

Wow!  Doesn’t getting old sound like so much fun!  HA!


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