New and exciting!

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Today was a pretty exciting day!  Well, lets face it, any day that I get home from school to find multiple Amazon boxes at the door is an amazing day!  This past weekend I ordered a bunch of things that I have been wanting to make for our classroom. You’re probably wondering what they are….I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  The first thing that arrived today was a roll of LED lights.  Stay tuned for the final product and to see how I use them for learning in our classroom.  I also got asked today by a few teachers in my “Target Teachers, Target Dollar Section” Facebook groups if I would blog and share some of my favorite classroom tips and tricks with them.  I will be gathering a ton of these in the next few days and will share them soon.

Introducing our Spacemen!

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Today during our writing block we introduced our kiddos to Spacemen.  Yes, those nifty astronauts have a busy job not only flying up to space!  We use our “Spacemen” in our classroom to help with our spacing between words, or in this case right now, letters.  Click on the link below from if you want to purchase some of your own.


Really Good Stuff Spacemen


Happy Left Handers Day!

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Yesterday we had one of our first celebrations in our classroom, Left Handers Day!  We have 3 sweet little friends this year in our class that are “Lefties”.  It’s taking them a lot of effort and patience (especially when using whiteboards and Expo’s) to figure out the ropes but they are doing amazing and aren’t giving up!

First Pride Assesmbly

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This morning we had our first PTES Pride Assembly.  3rd Grade were awesome performers!  They got into the Ohana spirit and sang for us all.  Next month we will be honoring our first Students of the Month.  We are looking for characteristics that follow our GROWL philosophy (Grow, Respect, Overcome, Work and Lead).  Work hard and hopefully it will be you!

Centers have started!

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Last week we began working on center routines!  Woot woot!  We worked on fine motor skills in some fun and exciting ways!  We got to practice balancing, patterns, matching, tweezer pinching pompoms and different techniques with Play-Doh.  They did an incredible job for the first time!  These centers are courtesy is the amazing and incredible Tara West.  If you haven’t checked out her products you do not know what you are missing!!!  Check out the link to these amazing activities on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Hands on Fine Motor Exploration Tubs