Hold on tight because here comes the 2017/18 school year!  We’re going off the pavement!

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I am ecstatic to be back at Peralta for the 2017/18 school year.  What a journey it is going to be.   This past school year I left the classroom and ventured into a different path teaching ELL for 2 of our other campuses in the district.  It was a great opportunity and I was able to stretch my career in a different way, however my heart is truly in kindergarten so I am over the moon that i’m back. I’m not going to lie, as all the new little ones sit at home wondering about what their first experience with school is going to be like I’m thinking the same thing about this year.  Some are nervous, scared, shy or excited, and to be honest, I am feeling the same! Our incredible staff have been meeting and working diligently to make each and every classroom a spectacular place for your child to learn and grow. Classrooms have been cleaned, walls have been decorated, planning has been done, now all that’s missing is you!

I’d like to introduce to you our Kindergarten team for this school year.  We have a new member and I am so excited to have her come on board!  Korteney Urquijo is a recent grad from GCU, a new Mom to a gorgeous little lady, and very excited to start her teaching career!  Miss U has worked so hard for the past few weeks decorating and prepping her classroom.  I have to brag for a moment…she’s done an amazing job for a first year teacher, I am so proud!  The Peralta family are so lucky to have her join our team!  Since our class sizes grew significantly in the past couple weeks we will be adding a 3rd member.  We are currently looking to fill that position and will keep everyone posted.



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