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It has been a crazy, yet awesome last week in Kindergarten in our class.  I don’t feel like we’ve stopped at all even to breathe!  We started out our week by finishing up with our “ar” words.  We even made pirate hats!  arrrrrr matey!!!!


Our week continued with us using a new app I found called “Counting board”.  We played a game called “mystery number”.  This is where you try and guess the number that the other team has picked out.  Kind of like the old board game “Guess Who”.  The kiddos really enjoy it and it helps so much with number recognition.  If you have an ipad at home I encourage you to try it with your parents, or siblings!


Tuesday we put some sheep in a Jeep!  “ee” were the words we were working on.


Today we read a super funny story called “The Cow that Laid an Egg”.  We had a full on debate and had to support our ideas as to whether we thought the cow laid the egg, or the chicken.  We did some graphing and tallying to go with it!  Our final decision was that the chickens tried to trick the cow and make her feel better by putting the egg under her, Haha!


We had a lot of fun this afternoon.  Since it was our last part of kindergarten I wanted to have some fun, do a few cool activities, but still keep order…phewww!  Can I just tell you, if you have never been in a kindergarten classroom on the last day of school…well actually lets rephrase that.  If you have never been in ANY classroom on the last day of school, I suggest you STAY CLEAR!!!  It’s usually a mad house!  Our kiddos did an incredible job and worked their tails off to the last minute!

I can not say thank you enough to all the parents and families to sent in Oreo’s.  We had 2 boxes missing a few but overall we ended up with WAY more then we needed.  I have had such a great time with your kiddos this year and you all have been incredible parents along the way!  This afternoon we did some graphing with a variety of Oreo flavors.  I had NO IDEA their were so many different kinds!  Smores, Cupcake, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Strawberries and Creme, holy moly we were in cookie heaven!  My kiddos know just how much I LOVE cookies!


We finished up our Ocean unit today by taste testing some ocean water.  I don’t think they were impressed with me!  Haha  They didn’t like the salty taste and many said it made their lips pucker!

Sea Water

Once they tasted the real ocean water we made some fake “Ocean water”.  They liked that a lot more.  We combined sprite, sugar, coconut extract, and blue color.  Of course we had to top it off with some fish swimming around as well!  Boy was it yummy!!!


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