Send off to First Grade!

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I have no idea where the time has gone.  As I sit here and reflect on 1 more year completed I can’t help but think that this has been one of my favorite classes I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching. I’m not going to lie.  I was very hesitant making the move over to Peralta after SMES closed.  I can honestly say we have an incredible staff here and have been very blessed to be a part of it all. You parents have been some of the most caring and supportive I’ve ever worked with.  I can’t say thank you enough for helping to make this such an incredible year.  We’ve had some ups and downs, tears and fits but every single kiddo that has walked foot through our classroom door has changed.  They have grown, matured, learned key concepts needed to be successful in the world outside of these doors and have become fine young ladies and gentlemen ready to dive into first grade.  To be honest I can’t say that I am ready to have them go. I really am not. Teaching is my absolute passion.  I love it down to the tips of my toes, even through those hard trying times.  Each year I come in thinking, “I’m going to do it this year.  I’m not going to get attached.  I’m going to come in, teach them and send them on their marry little way”.  Yeah, i’m pretty horrible at that. They become like my own kids. I care about your child more then you will ever know…..Ok as a side note, I am now balling my eyes out! Haha  Today we took a walk over to the first grade classes to see what it is like and to try and ease some of their anxiety. Even though your kiddo is moving on without me, please, PLEASE, PLEASE know that I will be right where I am, Room 500C. I am not going anywhere.  If you need anything, advice, a question, a concern, just to talk, or to pop by and say hello, I will be here. You are more then welcome to call me, email me or stop in whenever you like. The same goes for the kids. They will be moving on, but they have touched my heart and will forever be a part of it.


Busy last week!

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It has been a crazy, yet awesome last week in Kindergarten in our class.  I don’t feel like we’ve stopped at all even to breathe!  We started out our week by finishing up with our “ar” words.  We even made pirate hats!  arrrrrr matey!!!!


Our week continued with us using a new app I found called “Counting board”.  We played a game called “mystery number”.  This is where you try and guess the number that the other team has picked out.  Kind of like the old board game “Guess Who”.  The kiddos really enjoy it and it helps so much with number recognition.  If you have an ipad at home I encourage you to try it with your parents, or siblings!


Tuesday we put some sheep in a Jeep!  “ee” were the words we were working on.


Today we read a super funny story called “The Cow that Laid an Egg”.  We had a full on debate and had to support our ideas as to whether we thought the cow laid the egg, or the chicken.  We did some graphing and tallying to go with it!  Our final decision was that the chickens tried to trick the cow and make her feel better by putting the egg under her, Haha!


We had a lot of fun this afternoon.  Since it was our last part of kindergarten I wanted to have some fun, do a few cool activities, but still keep order…phewww!  Can I just tell you, if you have never been in a kindergarten classroom on the last day of school…well actually lets rephrase that.  If you have never been in ANY classroom on the last day of school, I suggest you STAY CLEAR!!!  It’s usually a mad house!  Our kiddos did an incredible job and worked their tails off to the last minute!

I can not say thank you enough to all the parents and families to sent in Oreo’s.  We had 2 boxes missing a few but overall we ended up with WAY more then we needed.  I have had such a great time with your kiddos this year and you all have been incredible parents along the way!  This afternoon we did some graphing with a variety of Oreo flavors.  I had NO IDEA their were so many different kinds!  Smores, Cupcake, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Strawberries and Creme, holy moly we were in cookie heaven!  My kiddos know just how much I LOVE cookies!


We finished up our Ocean unit today by taste testing some ocean water.  I don’t think they were impressed with me!  Haha  They didn’t like the salty taste and many said it made their lips pucker!

Sea Water

Once they tasted the real ocean water we made some fake “Ocean water”.  They liked that a lot more.  We combined sprite, sugar, coconut extract, and blue color.  Of course we had to top it off with some fish swimming around as well!  Boy was it yummy!!!


Shoparoo App

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Hello parents and friends!  I just wanted to let you know again about an awesome app called “Shoparoo” that your need to download to your smart phones.  It is a fundraising way our school can earn money by going about our normal routine!  No joke!

Here’s how it works…


It’s that simple!!!!

I know most of you have smart phones so lets all be smart together and earn some FREE money for the school!  So get on your phones right now and find the logo below and download it!  This month’s parents who are leading are Alieyna (Desiree) and JoJo (Rustie)!


Kindergarten Pride Assembly

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Today was our last Pride Ceremony of the year!  Our Kinder friends got the chance to perform for the whole school and can I tell you, they were pretty awesome!  They brought us on an adventure to the zoo and then had some snacks during a picnic!


JoJo is our 2015-2016 student of the year for our class!  JoJo has shown exceptional skills not only academically, but also socially.  He is such a polite your gentleman who is always caring and encouraging to his fellow classmates. He helps out without needing to be asked and always comes to school prepared, ready to learn and do his best each and every day.  I am so proud of all the accomplishments JoJo has made this year and I am truly honored to be his Kindergarten teacher.  You will do amazing in First Grade!  Keep up the great work JoJo!  You will be missed dearly!


Strings & Band Performance

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On Tuesday this week our older kids in strings and band got a chance to perform a few songs for the school to enjoy.  I have to admit it it quickly brought back a lot of memories of myself playing in the junior high band.  I was so impressed with their last number (I’ve attached a video clip of them performing it).  Way to go Bobcats!


“Arrr Matey”, Skype Conference and Sealife kind of day!

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Today was a pretty busy day!  We started our week off by taking a look at words that have “ar” in them.  We came up with all different kinds of words that we use each day.  The cool things is we got to act like pirates and got to practice our best pirate “arrrrr’s”, haha!  The kiddos had a lot of fun!


Next we moved onto a virtual collaboration activity on Skype with a kindergarten class in Atlanta Georgia!  We got to play a super cool game called “Mystery Animal”.  Each classes asked each other yes or no questions as they were trying to figure out what animal each other picked.  This really helped our question formation skills.

mystery animal

In the afternoon we did some measurement.  We worked on non-standard units of measurement with crabs and starfish to measure different sea creatures.  They did such a great job.


Field Day!

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Yesterday we got a chance to take a break from academics for a little while and go outside for some good ol’ fashion fun in the sun!  Coach Parker and many volunteers outdid themselves!  The kiddos had a fantastic time that they will remember for many years to come!

field day2


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Wednesday we moo’d our way through a super cool word game!  We got to practice reading oo words and got to have a lot of fun at the same time.  Students pick out a word from the bucket.  If they can read the word they get to keep it.  If they can’t, they have to throw it back in the bucket.  Watch out for the cows or you loose ALL your words!  Try it at home!