The Chicks are Coming!!!

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This past week we received 66 eggs from one of our Peralta families, the Bakers!  A HUGE thanks goes to them for helping us out this year with our chicken hatch!  The kiddos have been having such a great time learning all about them!  This week we talked about some pretty important facts:

  • Girls are called Hens, boys are called Roosters, babies are Chicks!
  • We learned about the different parts to both hens and roosters.
  • Eggs can be all different colors such as green, blue, brown, white.  They are also different sizes.
  • Only fertilized eggs will develop into chickens, so those ones at the grocery store will never work! (Although Trader Joes sells fertile eggs)
  • It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch.
  • We’re using a machine called an “incubator” to hatch our eggs.  It acts like a Momma chicken.
  • The incubator is about 100 degrees.
  • We have to rotate the eggs 3 times a day.
  • They have a cap like tip on their beak called the “egg tooth”.  It helps them to get out of the shell.
  • They will be wet and tired when they are first born.
  • They eat mashed up seeds and grain.
  • They are fully grown and will start laying their own eggs at 5 months of age.


Check out this cool video to learn about the daily development!

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