Testing is DONE!

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We started and completed all of our Galileo reading and math testing this week!  YAHOO!  I can’t believe we did it all in one week.  A HUGE thanks goes out to all the kiddos for being so patient this week while we really focused on getting all our tests taken.  The best part is, they did so well!  As a class our averages went up 20% in each subject!  That’s awesome!  Next week we will be finishing up the last few people for Dibels.  The end is near!



Settling In

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Mrs. Baker sent us an awesome video this afternoon to show us just how well our baby chicks are fitting in.  One of her Momma hens has taken them all in just like the rest.  She mentioned that they aren’t liking the heat lamp, instead they tuck right under Momma’s wing to keep warm. Check out the video link below!

Chick Movie


Thank you!

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I want to thank all of my incredible students for making me feel so special on Tuesday, my Birthday.  From the minute I walked in they were so excited to share my special day with me.  They definitely made a girl feel loved!  We did an estimation activity….not too sure if this was a good idea or not, haha. It was so cute! One of them said “Mrs. Young are you 90 now?” Another said “She’s not old, her name is Young!” I guess I can truly be forever young!


Off to their forever home!

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Our little baby chicks left us to go to their forever home yesterday.  It was a sad day, but we know they will enjoy all the new space they will be able to run around in.  Mrs. Baker sent us a picture of our friends during their drive to her place. It was almost like they were saying “You want me to sit where!?  A box!?  I don’t think so!”.  Too cute!  They sure will be missed.  We had such a great time hatching them and learning all about them.


We need your help!

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Hi Parents and friends!  We need your help!  I have recently been doing a lot of research on coding, computer programming and even how to get our kinder friends connected.  Coding and computer programming are becoming the way of the future and have even found their place in the 21st century classroom.  Dash and Dot will allow our kiddos to learn these basic skills to hopefully light a fire inside them and perk their interest into a future job the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) field.  I have put in a www.donorschoose.com post to get help to fund this project.  I’d love to have this class of students be able to experience this awesome robot before school is out for the summer.  Please consider donating a few dollars.  Any little bit will help to get our kiddos excited about learning for the future.  All your have to do is go to


Please feel free to share with your friends and family!
Thanks again!

More chicks visit!

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On Friday Ms. Sam Baker came for a visit to see our chicks.  She is our chicken expert that was so kind and generous to give us the eggs we hatched.  She was on her way home from the feed store and stopped by to show us 15 more little chicks she is going to be adding to her bunch!  Some of them looked very similar to ours!  Each chicken that Sam has truly feel like part of her family. If you are looking to purchase fresh farm eggs she is your lady!




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It seems like spring has arrived at Peralta Trail Elementary.  We have seen a few crazy critters on campus this week.  I am not telling you this to freak you out.  We just want everyone to keep an extra eye out and make sure everyone’s safe.  If you see a critter please do not hurt it, but tell an adult right away!

Spider1 Spider2 Spider3

Wiggly Worms!

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On Monday this week we did some investigation and exploration worms!  To start we made our own worms and ordered them from shortest to tallest.  We got to get get up close and personal with some Canadian Night Crawlers!  A few of us found a new best friend, but a couple of us were a little more hesitant.

We learned some pretty cool facts about worms:

  • They are wiggly
  • If they get cut into 2, they will still move.
  • They have little tiny hairs on their body that helps them to move.
  • They dig
  • One end is darker then the other
  • When they crawl up their body gets fatter, as they move it gets skinny again
  • Adult worms have a ring around their body
  • Each worm is both a boy and a girl
  • They have 10 hearts
  • Their body is covered in slime, which helps them to move easier
  • They help plants grow by digging holes for the water and air in, and also help by composting
  • They don’t have eyes or ears, instead they can feel vibrations in the ground
  • They don’t have teeth
  • The pointy end of a worm is their head
  • When the worm feels a lot of water in the ground he knows it’s raining.  This is the time where they can move to a new location.


Our New Friends

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Happy Birthday to 4 of our new little chicks who were born this morning!  They are so itty-bitty and fluffy!  Once they had a quick little bath they made their way out of the incubator into their temporary home.  All 4 are both black and white and so friendly. They love to snuggle in your hand and then fall asleep.  This afternoon I noticed they are already starting to eat and drink.


Chick UPDATE!!!

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It seems like our little babies are trying to make an appearance a little earlier then I expected. I went to fill the water before I left to go home after school and was shocked to hear some little peeping coming from what I thought was one egg.  When I went to flip the rest I realized we have 4 little ones trying to break out so far!  One of them even has his little beak poking out! They are making all kinds of noise.  I will post another update tomorrow morning when I stop by to check on them.