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Tracy Watanabe

Technology Integration Specialist at Apache Junction Unified School District. Peer Coach Facilitator. Tech infused learning. Innovation. Collaboration. Learning-centric pedagogy. @tracywatanabe


Facts about Bats


Two events prompted this posting on our blog: 1. After doing a two week study about Bats, the students wanted to share all of their learning with everyone. 2. We had watched a video from a Kindergarten Blog where the class had went on a field trip to the Auckland Zoo.  The students decided we […]

Words of Wisdom from Kindergartners on Human Rights


Our class is participating in the Blog Action Day on Wednesday, October 16th, and in the Student Blogging Challenge. The topic this year is Human Rights. In Kindergarten, Human Rights is actually something we think about every day because we are learning how to treat others. We all agree that we should help others. Courtesy […]

A Week in the Life of Kindergarten


Getting ready We get ready in the morning to come to Kindergarten. Here’s some of the things we do to get ready: Created with Padlet Please add a sticky note to our Venn Diagram to share how you get ready in the morning. Time to go to school Here’s how we go to school: 6 […]

Visiting Arizona


Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, and Challenge #2 is about places visitors could visit and what they’d see in our area. Here’s our brainstorm for some of the places: Here’s some of our ideas that we worked on together, and colored at our table groups: Photo Credit: Darren Shaw via Compfight […]

Student Blogging Challenge


We need to create an “About Us” page for our blog that tells others a little about our class for the Student Blogging Challenge #1. Here are a few to look at: The Bird’s Nest — A Kindergarten Class Blog 2KM and 2KJ — A 2nd Grade Blog Em’s Canvas – A 2nd Grader’s blog, one of Mrs. […]

Digital Citizenship


by Tracy Watanabe   What does it mean to be a “good citizen”?   What does it mean to be safe?     Behavior Expectations When I was growing up, there were expectations my parents had of me for my personal safety: Ask permission before going somewhere. Don’t talk to strangers. — (With the exception […]


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