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Archive for September, 2013

A Week in the Life of Kindergarten


Getting ready We get ready in the morning to come to Kindergarten. Here’s some of the things we do to get ready: Created with Padlet Please add a sticky note to our Venn Diagram to share how you get ready in the morning. Time to go to school Here’s how we go to school: 6 […]

Visiting Arizona


Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, and Challenge #2 is about places visitors could visit and what they’d see in our area. Here’s our brainstorm for some of the places: Here’s some of our ideas that we worked on together, and colored at our table groups: Photo Credit: Darren Shaw via Compfight […]

Student Blogging Challenge


We need to create an “About Us” page for our blog that tells others a little about our class for the Student Blogging Challenge #1. Here are a few to look at: The Bird’s Nest — A Kindergarten Class Blog 2KM and 2KJ — A 2nd Grade Blog Em’s Canvas – A 2nd Grader’s blog, one of Mrs. […]


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