Meeting Up In Class

Dear Readers,

Today we had a meeting for the story Allie’s Basketball Dream. In the story she wanted to be a famous basketball player. This is a problem because she needs to practice playing basketball since she’s just a beginner and not an expert.

We used a neat website, called Today’s Meet, to talk about Allie’s dream to aspire to be a professional player. Even though she kept messing up she persevered until she was better at making hoops.

Ms. Myers gave us a question to answer on Today’s Meet. The question was, “Using evidence from the text, tell how Allie persevered.” We all posted our answers and then we read them to see if we really did use the text to see that she didn’t give up.

It was fun, exciting, and awesome! Do you know about Today’s Meet? Have you had a meet in your class? Have you read Allie’s Basketball dream?



Ms. Myers’ Class

Welcome from our 2013-14 Class!

Hi Bloggers!

This is Ms. Myers and her 26 students coming to you from our 3rd grade classroom in Apache Junction, Arizona. We are just finishing our first week of school. It has been a really fun and exciting week. We learned about some verbs and adjectives that describe us! We have also spent time writing about us and specific events. We learned that this type of writing is called a personal narrative. We have also been learning a lot about each other in Morning Meeting. Each morning we meet up with each other and talk about what we have done great the day before and what we need to work on better today. In Morning Meeting, we also talk about our feelings and we find synonyms for the feelings happy, sad, mad, and scared. We feel fabulous about being in third grade. We will be posting more things  throughout this year, so please check back soon.

Ms. Myers’ Class



The End of the Year…Already!?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing the introduction post. I know it’s easy to say this year has flown by, but it really feels that way. I cannot express how wonderful this year was. We truly had a terrific class of dynamic personalities. We all started off so different, but truly became a family (as evidenced by some of the sibling type fighting towards the end of the year! It wasn’t uncommon to hear me say, “Stop fighting like brothers/sisters!”). Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this past year with your child. I have seen them grow, learn, and mature so much, and it truly warms my heart. Kiddos, come visit me in years to come! You will definitely be missed!

Lots of Love,
Ms. Myers

Surviving the Dust Bowl

This fun activity made our top ten list, but the kids did such a great job, it deserved its own post.

One of our end of the year projects was to research the events surrounding the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. The kids found out so much information, they then created a newscast play to be able to share it with you. They collaborated with each other to create their scripts and settings. Take a look at the great job they did.

Dust Bowl Final Project from Shana Myers on Vimeo.

Our top 10 Favorite Things This Year

This year is way too quickly coming to an end. While I am so sad to see this class go, I am also so thankful for the time we’ve had together. It has been amazing to watch them all grow and learn so much. They have changed the way they attack information, process learning, and convey their ideas. It is exciting to have been able to witness it all. In drawing this year to a close, we brainstormed what the students felt were the best things about this year. The list we came up with was a mile long! After narrowing it down, and eliminating some events that were also favorites, we’ve come up with our Top 10 List. Take a look at what the kiddos believe to be the highlights of this year.

The Hummingbird Lady

Seng, Nita. hummerforpics.jpg. June 2012. Pics4Learning. 17 May 2013 <>

One day a lady came in to our classroom.The Hummingbird lady’s name was Lyana. She showed us the hummingbirds nest,the hummingbirds skull,She told us that male hummingbird feathers are bright and that the females are dark.She told us that the hummingbird trip is very long. Lyana gave us a hummingbird feeder,pencils,a data sheet,a hummingbird wheel and a hummingbird board game.We were wondering,did the hummingbird lady come to your class?

Stephanie & Hailey


Planting Sunflowers

Dear Readers,

I will be telling you about my class, and Ms. Moore’s class, planting Sunflower seeds. We are growing sunflowers in my own class flower beds. First we had to put the seeds in the soil in the flower beds, then we had to water the plants and give them sunlight  to so they wouldn’t die. Guess what? On Monday and Tuesday a rabbit came into our school and he saw the sunflowers and it came over to our flower bed and ate my whole class’ sunflowers and not Ms. Moore’s class sunflowers. They were lucky. Then, on Wednesday, the rabbit came back and then it saw Ms Moore’s class sunflowers plants and ate all of theirs too!. So because of that we are saving up milk cartons and we are going to put in soil in the milk cartons, plant new seeds, and put water in them and take it home. Do you think that your teacher might read this and think it is cool and you guys can maybe might do it? Hope you liked it.


Molly & Juancarlos  


Oreo Stacking

creative commons photo taken by Pshykicks


Dear Readers,

We did a project where we got in groups and stacked oreos. We recorded how many oreos we stacked. We each stacked oreos three times and wrote the highest score we got. We enjoyed doing this project because it is simple but challenging. I liked this game because it was an easy and fun game. I think you would like it because it is easy and a fun craft plus its cheap. Alll you need is a pack of oreos any kind.


                                                                 Cali and Gracie

Eight Keys

Dear Readers,

In our class we are reading a story called Eight Keys. Our class loves Eight Keys. This story is about a little girl named Elise that finds eight doors upstairs in her house.  Then one day she found the first key and it went on and on to every day and every door. These keys are mystery keys that are for her. Her dad left the mysteries before he died. Some of these doors are about her mom, her dad, the family she lived with when she was a little girl, and one rooml had nothing in it. Elise figured out that empty room was for her to create her on her own. It took us one month and 11 days to finish the book. Hope you like it if you ever read it.


                                                      Alawna and Natalie



Dear readers,

We have been playing a game all year called sumdog. It is a fun and easy game to play. We enjoy it because it is a fun math and reading game. We think you will like it because it is a easy and fun game plus a free game. Are favorite game is dress down. Each person starts out as a brown rat and then you make your way up. I like this game because it is a math product and a game together.Hope you like it.


Cali and Gracie


Number Posters


Dear Readers,

In our class we did number posters. It was about our favorite number. This is how we did it:

You had to have your favorite number on top.

1.We wrote if the number was odd or even.

2. Multiples of the number.

3. The number had to be the sum and the difference.

4. We did a fraction and we had to show our fraction,but the number had to be the dinonarator.

5. Then the pattern of the number.

6. We had to tell where you see your number in real life.

7. Make a number story with your number

8. Make different money from a different state.

9.make a number problem with your number.
10.Make a picture with your number and hide it.

Have you ever done this before? Try it


                                            Alawna and Natalie


Morning Meeting

Dear Readers,

Every morning we do morning meeting.Our teacher asks us to come down to the carpet.This is how we do it.

1.first we take a deep breathe in and let it out we do that we do that twice.

2.we say think of something you did good yesterday and something you will will do better today.

3.Then we do i feel then you say,i feel ________  because ___________   .

4.For two and three we pass to three people.

                      This helps because we get to talk about our feelings.We like it because it lets us express our feelings.We also like it  because it lets us talk about what we did good yesterday and something we are going to do better today.


Nature Walk

Dear readers,

One time in 3rd grade at Four Peaks a nice lady named Ms.Salmon took us on a nature walk.

It was fun because I got to learn facts about the plants we past along the way.It was awsome

because the trail was behind our school.It was really nice of the lady named Ms.Saman to

take us on the nature walk,and tell us facts about the plants.It was really fun during the

nature walk.Have you ever been on a nature walk?

                                                                                             Sincerly, Michael

National Geographic Field Trip


Dear Readers,
In the middle of the school year our class went on a field trip to see a man that walked across the north pole.Our class went to a theater to see the man.The man had an accent that we heard.He said that he was doing it because it was for his work.A interesting thing was that the water was warmer than the ground.The cool part is that he went by imself.As a child he always wanted to grow up to be an explorer and he did.Do you wont to do the same?If so here are some things that you should know:
1 It’s very cold
2 Always be careful
3 There is some animals do be aware of
4 bring right tools
5 Wear right clothing
6 make new adventures
7 think before doing
8 Have Fun
Have you ever done something like this?Well you should study more about it.So when you get older you can do it also.Tell our blog about what you learned.Have Fun!

Alawna and Gracie


Dust Bowl Plays


All year long, the kiddos wanted to do their own plays! Last week they finally had the chance, after learning about the Dustbowl. Students used their knowledge to create their own scripts and setting, and then performed their play to share what they’ve learned with you. They did a terrific job!


Dust Bowl Final Project from Shana Myers on Vimeo.

How a shark is different from a fish

Rizzo, Mary. shark12.jpg. May 2009. Pics4Learning. 8 May 2013

We are working on a project were each student had to go on fact monster and write in a thing they didn’t know about. I did mine on how a shark is different from a fish.a fact i learned was that a sharks skeleton is made of stuff called cartilage,but a fish skeleton is made of bones. A reason i picked this is because i love oceans creatures.If you would like to learn about this more go to fact monster.comcom

about stars

Ransom, Kenneth. casagrande1.jpg. March 2000. Pics4Learning. 8 May 2013

Did you ever wonder about stars?

Stars have different sizes.They also have different colors that we may
not see because they are farther away from us.
Also when stars die they turn into black holes.
A region star turns into a pro star. Did you know that some stars need
other stars light to glow?

your friend Gavin

found on fact monster

All About Cherries

image found at

Have you ever wondered why rainier cherries are called white cherries? Well, when the white flesh of the rainier cherries white skin the cherries turn yellowish pink when it is rip. Did you know that some cherries are canned when they are shipped to the store? Did you also know cherries have a seed called a stone?Other cherries turn bright red when they are rip. I chose cherries because i like cherries and they are my second favorite fruit.

I found my information at


Contraction Action!

Today we played a new game.The game is about is so fun.We all loved it so much.We played 2 games of it.We wanted to play again but Ms.Myers said no.It was really,really fun.You should play it in your class.First you get a card that has a word on it.Then you find a partner, with another word, and  that makes a contraction.When you are done you can comment on our blog.Tell me if you liked it or not.If you do thank my amazing teacher Ms.Myers.She is the one who came up with the game.Isn’t she so smart.She is happy that we like it and I bet she would be happy if you like it.If you like it then you  could tell your friend about it, then she would tell her friend.Oh can I ask you one more thing? When you play it again then make sure that you add more things to it.You will be happy that I told you this

                                                                                          Your friend,

                                                                                          Stephanie  ;]

The Journey of Milk

image courtesy of

Dear Readers,

Hi,my name is Molly,and am in 3 grade.I go to Four Peaks Elementary School.I will be telling you about the time we video conference with a dairy farm, it was fun.We learned about the cows there and about the food they mixed up in the food for the cows.They mixed up Cotten,Nuts,Grass,and Dried apples. They sent us bags of it so we could see, touch and smell it. People might think cows are stupid,but they are really smart.Cows don’t always have milk! They have to have a baby before they can give milk.When a calf is 2 years old they are already an adult.A cow can have a baby when a it is 2 years old your over. A cow can walk when it is born. Have you ever visited a Dairy Farm? What are some interesting facts you know about cows?



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