We’ve Lost Our Minds Over Idioms!

Dear Readers,

Last week we began to learn about figurative language. We now know that sometimes text will have specific sayings that make writing more interesting. This is not only good to know as a reader, but it also makes our own writing more interesting. These sayings are called figurative language. There are different types of figurative language, like metaphors, similes, personification, and idioms. Our class seemed to like idioms the best. Those are funny sayings whose literal meaning has nothing to do with the figurative meaning. Take a look at our video to see some of our favorite idioms.


Idioms from Shana Myers on Vimeo.

Have you ever used idioms in your writing? Do you have any favorites. Which type of figurative language do you think is the funniest?

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

An Exciting Second Week!

Dear Readers,

We hope you’ve been having a great start to your school year, just like we have. This week we’ve been busy learning. We learned division. Division is really easy because we have learned different ways to solve it. We learned to divide total amounts into equal (fair) groups, and we learned how to solve using repeated subtraction. Another way we learned is to use an array. We also learned how to check to see if our division problem is solved correctly. We do the opposite of the equation as multiplication. When you do the the opposite, it’s called doing the inverse. Have you learned division yet?

We also had a frightening moment this week! We were quietly doing our morning work a noise went off, it was really loud and a lot of us jumped high in the air! The noise was a fire alarm! What was frightening is that this was a real fire alarm, and not a drill. Like good students, we silently lined up and went out of the school. We sat down outside for what felt like a long time. It was hot so they gave us water bottles. When the firefighters said it was safe to go back in the building, we went in to finish our day. We learned that the fire was actually just a smoking air conditioner. At least we were safe and no one got hurt.  Have you ever had a real fire alarm? How did you feel? Were you in danger?

This week we were busy learning about suffixes and prefixes (and the root word that goes with them). We now know that a suffix is at the end of a word, and a prefix is at the front. They are important because we use them a lot when we’re speaking and they change the meaning of the word. 20140822_143635To help us learn, we made a beautiful (what do  you notice about the word beautiful?) bulletin board that has flowers and butterflies. Another way we learned about these affixes, was to create anchor charts. Are you learning about prefixes and suffixes, like we are?

This week was good week for learning! Next week, we will show you what else we’ve learned. Check back to see! Be sure to tell us in the comments what you’ve learned so far this year.


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

Shout Out to The Lockwood Crew!

Dear Readers,

You probably know we’re a bunch of third graders in Ms. Myers’ class. This year she is teaching us how to blog politely and connect to other classes. We’re new to it, and still learning, but we recently had a lot of comments from a fifth grade class at another school. The Lockwood Crew wrote many nice comments on our blog’s posts. Thank you Mr. Lockwood’s Class for checking out our blog! We are excited to have time to see what you’ve been doing. As soon as we practice commenting more, we’ll be talking to you!

Do you have a favorite class you like to connect with? Is there somewhere in the world you would like to connect to that you haven’t? Readers, have you looked at the fun things Mr. Lockwood does in his class? Hop on over there and see how their year has started!

The Lockwood Crew

Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

Our First Two Weeks

Dear Readers,


We’ve had an exciting start to our year! We started by getting to know each other, and by learning our classmates names. We know we got the best teacher ever, in the universe!  20140806_133234

We’ve already learned a lot about multiplication. Did you know there are different ways to show multiplication? You can draw equal groups, do repeated addition, look on a number line, or you can draw arrays. We’ve also learned prefixes this week! Prefixes are a part of a word that attaches to another word and has a meaning. For example, unhappy has a prefix. The prefix is un and it means not! Another thing we’ve done, is to work on our reading stamina. Our reading stamina is when we read and time goes up for how long we stay focused on our reading. We also 20140814_110828 20140814_110813do morning meeting. We love it! In morning meeting we tell how we’re feeling, and why. In morning meeting we also talk about what we do well, and what we need to work on. Morning meeting is special because for some of us, it is the only time we feel comfortable to share our feelings.  In writing, we’re working on how to find ideas to make good stories. One way to think of what to write about is to think of a special person and you write about special memories you have with them.  20140815_114532Do you like to make up stories this way? One fun thing we do is that we take brain breaks by dancing with Go Noodle. Have you ever tried Go Noodle? It’s fun because the more breaks you take, the more your monster grows!


We’ve had a lot of fun learning because Ms. Myers makes it fun. Do you like your teacher? What do you like about your school? What is your favorite thing you’ve learned this year?


Hope to hear your comments!


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class


Video Recap of a Great Year

It’s the End of Our Journey

Hello Friends,   First, I must apologize! I let myself get too busy and I didn’t make the time to update our blog with the fun things we were doing in class. This was a valuable lesson to learn. Next year I will have to create more time, and I will need to rely on students who are ready, to create blog posts updating you with our fantastic learning adventures!   As the year draws to a close, our class has narrowed down a big list of our learning activities to our top 10 favorites. We have taken some time to write about them now so we may share them with you.


#10 Morning Meeting Our class does this thing called morning meeting.

First, we would get in a big oval. Our teacher would sit with us and call on us then we tell the class what we did good yesterday and what we need to work on today.We use a soft ball and throw it to someone and they have to tell us what they did good yesterday and what they need to work on today. Only three people get to do share each day. Then  we take turns telling the other students how we’re feeling.We can’t use boring words, instead we use synonyms that go with sad,happy,scared and angry. The thing is we can’t use happy,sad,scared or angry because they’re not good enough words to use to explain the reason. We also pick a word of the day.Then our teacher says the word of the day. She uses it with context clues to help us understand what it means. We then say it in a sentence.Then we go to our seats and get ready to learn all day until lunch. We love morning meeting.

#9 Field Trips: National Geographic and Cat in the Hat

We took a field trip to see a National Geographic presentation.  We watched this show of where this photographer talked about his adventures and showed us pictures.  Before we went in to see it we had to eat some lunch because it was going to be long.20131107_111749

So the National Geographic’s was great.  The guy showed us pictures.  One of the pictures were a leopard seal that kept trying to interact with him.  The seal was a female and the guy thought she was thinking that he was her baby.  Also the guy told us a story that his friends and him were looking for a bear called the Spirit bear.  They couldn’t find the bear.  Then one day he was sitting by the river and I think he was fishing.  All of sudden he saw a beautiful white bear.  “That was the Spirit bear,” he said when that bear appeared.  That is all he told us about that story.  After a while it was over,I didn’t want to leave but I was glad to stretch my legs.  Then we left because it was time to.

Dear readers,

20131107_1040153rd grade went on a field trip to a seussical.It was with some  people and the cat in the hat.The show was AMAZING!There was lots of singing in it.The people who made the show had worked so hard to get it ready for us.There was a mom and a dad.That couple had a daughter.They were happy!The cat and the hat had said anything is possible with him.So,the cat in the hat and the daughter sang about how anything is possible with the cat in the hat.The show was great and I wish that you could see it.


#8 Dot Day

Dear readers,

Our class did a day for dots.We watched a tumble book 20130920_114723called, The Dot, and then did a project on it.We created a picture with dots.You drew whatever you wanted and then wrote a story about it.It was much fun and we hope you got to do it!



#7 One Book, One School: Humphrey

IMG_20140407_090127One day at the end of the day we got a bag from the pricipal. It had a magnifying glass, a Humphrey book,a high lighter,and a map.  Our school did this thing where we had to read this book and home with a family member. It was a great book.

We had a day about Humphrey and did many things that were like him. Humphrey went on many adventures and went through many hard things.We hope you got to read it!

  but if you got 15 points then you get to go in the hamster ball. The book was a family book where you read it with your family. Also you can read it with your brother and sister or mom and dad even with gramma or grampa.


#6 Science of Sled Dogs Dear Readers,

We did a project on sled dogs.We did a skype with a sled dog racer.In the back round there was a jumping sled dog.We got to ask questions about sled dogs, and we were able to pretend to be a sled dog team! We learned how all of the dogs have a different job when they are pulling the sled.20140129_151431

Then he answered the questions we asked him.He showed us how to race with sled dogs pulling you around a snowy track. Then he raced around his own snowy track with his sled dogs.He showed us his baby gonna be sled dogs and race with him in the Iditarod and win the race.But he didn’t tell us if he was going to go in the Iditarod. He also talked about how the dogs in the Iditarod can run in the race without hurting their paws.

  #5 Snowflakes

Dear bloggers.

IMG_20131203_105508We made snowflakes out of pipe cleaners,borax and boiling water.We weren’t able to touch it because if we did it wouldn’t  work. 20131202_173236 When you make snowflakes you need Borax,string,a pencil,hot water and pipe cleaners and that is it.First you bend the pipe cleaners  into a shape of a snowflake,then you dip the pipe cleaners into a bowl of hot water with the Borax in the water and let it sit there overnight! I have mine at home and it looks even more like a snowflake now than it did then. The snowflakes were fun, would you want to make a snowflake?


#4 Experiment Days Dear Bloggers,      This year, we had two experiment days. We spent the entire day making hypotheses, conducting experiments, and analyzing the results. Some of our favorite experiments were the  dry ice bubbles, and bouncing bubbles. We were able to catch the bouncy bubbles on our hands! Dry ice bubbles made little clouds of fog, and they felt cold. 20131031_143824We also exploded pumpkins with elephant toothpaste, made milk go sour, created a layer liquid column, and exploded soda with mentos.  Our favorite experiment was saving Sam.We had to use a gummy worm(Sam),and a life saver,and 4 paper clips,and one cup.We had to get Sam in the life saver without touching him with our hands!Hannah,and Zoe were the first ones to get Sam in and save him.Those days were awesome even if we did save Sam one time.You should make experiments of your own one day it will be AWESOME!


#3 Spaghetti Towers

20140520_145206Dear Bloggers, Our class did a spaghetti challenge.Zoe, Myla, Bailey, and Emily had the tallest tower so they won.We had to use string,tape,spaghetti,and one marshmallow.You had to put the marshmallow on the top.You had to string the spaghetti together or tape it.You are not allowed to tape it to the ground.That is cheating I hope you do not cheat if you do this. The Spaghetti Towers were fun but hard. It was a challenge but we were all able to do it!



#2 OREO Stacking

Dear Bloggers,

creative commons photo taken by  Pshykickscreative commons photo taken by Pshykicks

This year we did a great project that had us stacking Oreos. In Oreo stacking you can not touch the table or the Oreos.You grab the Oreos out of the bucket  and place them in the circle on the table.The team with the most Oreos stacked wins. It was challenging because you had to stack them just right, so they wouldn’t tip over. Our teacher found this project on a website (Projects By Jen) and we learned that a lot of other schools were doing the activity at the same time as us. We like it because it was difficult, but fun!



#1 Entering the World of the Night Zoo!

Dear Bloggers,

We had a skype with a midnight zoo keeper.He told us about the monsters that roamed the grounds of the midnight zoo. can you believe that? I know that i can’t! Our class has been playing the game about this special zoo in England.The game is called Night Zookeeper.It is a game where you draw animals and fight the mobsters and you get orbs when you fight the monsters.What you do with the orbs is buy animals and you earn these animals.Our class likes this game because it is so fun.The skype was fun too he told us about the animals that we earn also animals we fight. We’ve also had to write about the animals, and even create new ones to add to the night zoo. We loved this Skype and game!  zookeeper



Bonus Fun:

Rocky’s Academy:

At Rocky’s Academy you can build,create, and use your imagination.One time we built a birdhouse.We used glue,wood,paint brushes,and paint.We used the glue to put the wood together.After the glue dried we used the paint brushes to paint.Once the paint dried we used some stuff to decorate the bird house.Then we were done and took it home.


At Rocky’s one day we made kites.We used tablecloths.hot glue,wood sticks,scissors,pipe cleaners,string, markers,and popsicle sticks. First you use the scissors to cut out a shape(big shape).Then you glue the wood sticks to the outside of your shape.Next you wait for it to dry.While you’re waiting make the kite tail using the string and pipe cleaners.It should be dried by now.Once you glue the tail to the bottom(which is the handle).You take the popsicle sticks and glue them together end to end.Then you wrap the string around the handle leaving some string not wrapped.Take that string that is not wrapped and glue to the bottom of the kite.

The Rocky’s Academy is fun.


Lots O’ Lines

Our class has started to study lines found in Geometry. We always thought we were drawing lines on our paper, now we know we weren’t! After we discovered the real meaning of lines, we went around our school to find some real examples. Here’s what we found…


What lines do you notice around your school or house? Did you realize that a line has to go on forever and ever? What are some things that we MUST draw on our lines, line segments, rays, and when we are showing angles?

Ms. Myers’ Class

Folktale Fun

Our class has been studying folktales this week. We have learned the elements that we often see in folktales. We’ve also worked hard to identify cases of personification. Like most folktales, we’ve seen a lot of talking animals! Most importantly, we’ve learned that folktales were used for two main reasons: to teach a moral, or to explain why something is the way we know it. When a folktale explains “why”, it has a special name: a porquoi tale. Stories have been told that explain why there are so many hours of daylight, how camels got humps, and even why mosquitoes make buzzing noises.

Folktales are also important for teaching lessons. We’ve learned that people told stories to remind people that honesty is the best policy, and that treating others kindly and gently will get you better results.

Hannah and Devin created a Haiku Deck to retell the story of Jabu and the Lion. See if you can tell the events that happened from their story.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Have you read any folktales that can give the reader another message? What’s a lesson you would like to teach? What characters would you use, and would they be animals (like many folktales)? Are there things in the world that you wonder why they are the way they are? What are they, and what story could you tell to explain them?

Ms. Myers’ Class

A Vertex Edge What?

20140123_134948Some things we learn in math are a little weird. When our teacher asks us to add, subtract, or even multiply and divide, we can figure it out. Recently, Ms. Myers asked us to figure out vertex edge graphs. If you’ve never heard of these, you’re not alone! We’d never heard of them either. Basically they are all about different routes to get places and how many paths you can travel. Sometimes we get questions about the “weight” of the path too. To help us better understand vertex edge graphs, Ms. Myers had us become a human one! We were given yarn and signs to make paths. We then had to figure out all the possible paths we could travel, when she asked us to get from one place to another. Check out our “trip” in the picture. We came up with our own paths of where we wanted to go too!

Have you ever heard of these? If you could design your own vertex edge graphs, where would you go?

Snowflakes Across Our Arizona Sky



Dear Bloggers,

Hi we are learning about physical and chemical changes, and also matter, and state. To learn about these, we did an experiment. We just made snowflakes and here’s some things that it was made out of: a string, a bowl, hot water, Borax, and pipe cleaners. In our project, we used warm water. Water is a liquid and it had a physical change (it got hot) and chemical change (the Borax changed it). I’m also using a pipe cleaner. A pipe cleaner is a solid. We put them in the hot water and waited a few hours.

Waiting for them to cool.

Waiting for them to cool.

Now it has crystals on it because the dissolved Borax cooled slowly and it stuck to the pipe cleaners. .That was a fun thing to do and we love having snowflakes in our Arizona sky!

Your friends,
Hannah, Zoe, and Brian

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