It’s Crazy In Here!

Dear Reader

This is a awesome day today because today is Ms.Myers birthday. Her dad and Steve help decorate the room for a surprise. It looked so awesome, there was streamers everywhere, balloons on the floor, and lots of posters on the wall. Plus, there were noise makers iin our desks!. IT’S LIKE A PARTY IN HERE!


This is going to be the best day ever!Have you ever had a surprise party in your room?

Your friend,


Room 505 Cardboard Arcade is Open For Business!

Dear Readers,
Last week, Ms. Myers showed us a video about a little boy named Caine who created his own video arcade. His arcade wasn’t a normal one, it was even better. It was so special because all of the games were created by Caine, and they were made out of cardboard. He found ways to create Funpasses, which allowed players to visit the games over and over again, and even ways for the games to reward the players with tickets, for a job well done. Caine’s Arcade is more than just a fun way to spend an afternoon, it’s important because it has inspired kids everywhere to let loose their creative ideas, and to wake up their imaginations. Every year, kids from around the world now participate in the Imagination Foundation‘s Cardboard Challenge, spending one day to create their own versions of Caine’s arcade. We took part last Friday and turned our classroom into the Room 505 Arcade. We loved this challenge because not only did we need to use our imaginations, problem solve, persevere when it was tough, and help our friends, but we also got to play! What more could a kid ask for!? Take a look at the fun we had below.

Have you participated in the Cardboard Challenge? Do you think you’d like to create your own version of Caine’s Arcade? What creation would you make? Would it be a game, or something else? Do you think you can do this on your own? Comment below to let us know what you think.

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

We’ve Begun a “Miraculous Journey”

Dear Readers,

We are taking part in Global Read Aloud and our class is reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. We are focusing on finding character traits of Edward Tulane, and the other characters in the story. Character traits describe how the character acts like on the inside. We find character traits by paying attention to what a character says, or what other characters say about him. Another way to find character traits is to look at how a character acts, and the things he does. The last way we know to find character traits is to read about how the character feels inside. You can tell how the character is feeling by reading further into the story and the author tells you.
In the story, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Edward is selfish since he cares only about himself and his hat, and gold watch. We know this because even when Edward was falling off the ship, his thoughts were only if his hat was still on, and that he needed his fancy gold watch. It was upsetting that he didn’t even care about losing his owner, Abilene. We also believe that Edward is mean because he doesn’t like being called a rabbit, and he doesn’t care about Abilene’s feelings. Another character trait Edward has, is that he’s very prideful. Prideful has a suffix and it means he’s full of pride for himself. We know this because he looks at his reflection all day long, and the author tells us he thinks he’s just such a handsome bunny.
So far, we’ve read chapters 1-6, and we feel aggravated because Edward isn’t kind to anyone. We hope that Edward tries to be a little nicer.

Have you read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane? How do you feel about Edward? Have you ever met anyone like Edward? If you have, were you disappointed, aggravated, or how did you feel?

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

Cardboard Creations

Learning About Engineering and Manufacturing

Stack it Up!

Dear Readers,

How has your week been going? Recently, our class has tried two different STEM challenges. Read on to hear about the fun learning we’ve been doing.

Cup Stacking STEM Challenge

The first challenge involved stacking cups. In small groups, Ms. Myers gave us 27 cups (she made us do division first to figure out how many groups we could have…she’s always making us do real-world math!). The challenge might have been easy if the only rules were to stack the cups! Ms. Myers made it a little more difficult. We had to discuss with our groups, for 5 minutes, how we could create a tower that was the tallest in the class, and able to stand on its own. 

20140926_141428 20140926_141730After talking for 5 minutes, the challenge began! The trick was…we could no longer talk. We had to collaborate with our group without talking, and use only our plans from before. Not talking was pretty difficult, but not as hard as getting the cup towers to stay up! Our towers crashed many times. We were proud of our teams though, because we didn’t get angry, or give up!

When the challenge time was over, Ms. Myers measured the towers. The winning group had a tower that was 23 inches tall. We had other towers that were close to that too. We then evaluated the winning tower to see what worked well for them. 20140926_142620

One of our classmates said it best when he said, “it doesn’t matter if we win, we worked together, and we had fun!”



Oreo Stacking Challenge

Today, in class, we did the Oreo Stacking Challenge (a Projects By Jen Educational Challenge). Before we began the challenge, we had to predict how many Oreos we thought we could stack.  First, Ms. Myers gave us some Oreos for our groups. We had to measure the kids in our groups to see who was the smallest, since the smallest kid got to go first. We started thinking of ways to stack it, and what strategies could help us. Ms. Myers explained the rules and one of them was that we couldn’t hold the tower up, because that would be cheating. Another rule was that our tower had to be straight up, not like a pyramid or with Oreos stacked on the side to support it.  Next, we started stacking the Oreos. 20141003_133247When we were stacking we had to put the Oreo one on top of the other and we had to be really careful to not make it fall. The rest of our team had careful to not blow on it or bump the table, so our tower wouldn’t fall. We felt a little scared when the tower started to get shakey, because we didn’t want it to fall! Each member of our team had two tries to stack the tallest tower, and recorded the data to see how tall each person was able to stack. After we were done stacking the Oreos two times, Ms. Myers took away the cookies, and  our groups had to look at the data to see who in our group had the tallest stack. In our class we had some stacks in the 20’s, but our tallest stack was Nicole with a total of 26 Oreos!

20141003_133353Most groups were very supportive of the other team members and were good sports to the person who won. We liked the Oreo challenge but it was  a little bit terrifying! We were so scared it would fall!

Have you ever tried the Oreo Stacking Challenge?  If you haven’t done it, do you think you would like to do it?

If you have done it, what is your record for the most stacked? Were you nervous too? We still need to find the median, mean, and mode of our data. We’re not done yet!

What about stacking other things? Have you tried other challenges and were you successful?


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

A Part of Our Fraction Experience

Dear Readers,

We are learning fractions. Fractions are when you take a whole “something” and break it into equal parts. Did you know that if the something is not in equal parts, it is not a fraction? Anything can be broken into a fraction. Some easy ones are cookies, quesadillas, or pizzas. They are easy to see split into equal parts. Other things we can divide into parts are things like a cabinet or a drawer.If you split it into equal parts, you can have a fraction of that drawer or cabinet.20140924_122637-1

Today we took a whole group of kids (us) and split it into equal parts of what our favorite colors are. We discovered that the largest fractional part was blue! In our class 10/24 (or ten twenty-fourths) like blue! We also discovered that our smallest fractional part of favorite colors was orange. Zero twenty-fourths liked orange best.

Yesterday we watched a video about fractions. We also used block shapes to create shapes made of equal parts. We then broke them apart and saw what fractions were left after we pretended to eat parts of them.

20140923_133627 20140923_133632 20140923_133729

Fractions are very easy if you pay attention to what you’re learning. Just remember, always find the total number of parts first! That total number is your denominator, which is on the bottom. When you find how many in each part, that’s the numerator, which goes on the top!

Have you ever tried fractions? Do you ever have a hard time with them? Have you ever tried doing a fraction project, like we did with colors? Leave us a comment to let us know how you feel about fractions!

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

Dot Day Tweet

Bio Poems

Dear Readers,

Have you ever worked on a bio poem before? Last week we wrote our own bio poems. This is a type of poem about yourself and your own character traits. They are easy and fun to make! Take a look at ours in the video below.

Have you ever written one? Let us know if you do and we’d love to see yours.

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

A Beach in the Desert?

Dear Readers,

Today we had a huge flood at school! All night long, and this morning, it was raining cats and dogs! It rained so much that many of the roads here were flooded and even closed. Most of our kids stayed home so they were safe from the dangerous roads. Many of the buses couldn’t even make it to the bus stops or the school.

After the rain stopped we took a mini field trip outside to see what the rain did to our school. The mountains looked like they have fog around them still because the clouds dropped around them. 20140908_113144






The backyard, where the kindergartners, first, and second graders 20140908_113157play, looked like a beach! The rain flooded the whole playground! Everything is soaking wet.

The bad news is that it’s supposed to rain again tonight and tomorrow. I wonder if we’ll have school tomorrow? If the roads are as bad as they were this morning, I bet we won’t!

Does your school ever get cancelled? Have you ever had a flooded school? This year has been a very strange year so far! How has your year been?

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class

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