Tweeting: We participated in Skypeathon 2015!

Dear Readers, 

Today we participated in an event called Skypeathon. This was a goal set to see how many miles classes could virtually travel to visit other classrooms, and places. We participated by playing in two Mystery Skypes. Our first Mystery Skype was with Mrs. Boucher’s classes in Vermont. It took us a little while to figure them out, but we didn’t give up! We learned that it’s cold in Vermont!

Our second Mystery Skype was with Mrs. Henry’s second grade class in Colorado. They did a really good job when they were asking and answering questions.

We had a lot of fun “traveling” to other states and meeting new friends. Have you ever done a Mystery Skype in your class? What was your favorite state that you “visited”?


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class


Tweeting: Poetry Slam


Please use this page to access our science topics.

Tweeting: Marshmallow Challenge

Tweeting: Human Balance Scales

Global Read Aloud: “The Year of Billy Miller”

Dear Readers,


We are reading a chapter book called The Year of Billy a Miller. We are reading this book because we are participating in Global Read Aloud. Do you readers know what Global Read Aloud is? It is a project where lots of schools around the world read the same book and we describe the book to other classrooms. It is fun because we can Skype other classes that are around the world.

We are a little behind in reading the story because we had Fall Break. We are just starting Part Two. So far we think it’s amazing and it’s a really good story. We can’t wait to read more.

Have you ever read The Year of Billy Miller? Is your class participating in Global Read Aloud? If so, would you like to Skype with us? We have lots of questions to ask you.


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

There’s Good News, and There’s Bad News

Dear Readers,

You know how sometimes things happen and it really bums you out for a little bit, then, after a while, you realize it’s ok, there are a lot of things that could happen that are much worse?

Well I had a bummer moment at the beginning of this Fall Break. I sat down to make a few videos for blog posts. Recently we participated in Caine’s Arcade (I did manage to tweet about that), a video conference with the Fort Worth Zoo, our very first Mystery Skype, and we began our Global Read Aloud. So many exciting things!

So here’s the bad news:

I linked my phone to my computer to easily grab the photos and videos from it. My computer was acting a little funny and I had to restart it. When I did, it deleted ALL of the photos and videos on my phone. Everything is gone. I searched to see if I could recover them, and they’re no where to be found. *sadness*

The good news to follow:

They were just pictures. Losing them doesn’t mean we lost the memories, the excitement, or the fun of our classroom experiences. Also, we have many more things planned this year to experience, and we’ll share with you.

Have you ever had a disappointment that you later realized wasn’t the end of the world? What is something you would be so upset about if you lost?

Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

O.R.E.O Project 2015

Dear Readers,

Our class recently participated in the global O.R.E.O Project, thanks to Projects by Jen.  Here’s a video of our experiment.


We had a lot of fun, while doing different math problems. Have you ever done a project that made learning more fun? What experiments would you like to do?

Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class

About US!

Dear Readers,


Welcome to our AMAZING class. We are Ms. Myers’ class of third graders at Four Peaks Elementary School. This year is special because last year one of our schools closed down. That means that we have new friends this year!  20150922_163149

We are in Apache Junction, AZ. It is almost Fall but still really hot here. How cold is it in your state? Where do you live?

We are learning lots of new things. One thing is we’re working on right now is context clues. Do you use context clues to figure out a word’s meaning? Another thing we’re working on is multiplication strategies and properties. Are you working on these things too?

We are excited about our third grade year. This year we hope to meet new friends from other states and countries. We want to skype with them, and blog with them. Would you like to do that too?




Ms. Myers’ Class


About ME!

Welcome to our third grade class. My name is Shana Myers and this is my sixth year here at Four Peaks. Like many people here, I’m not an Arizona native. I spent my childhood in Maine and was transplanted here in high school. Completely different environments, I know! In my adult years, I’ve also lived in Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina before returning to AZ…and here we are. Have you always lived in Arizona?

In addition to those you loan me daily, I have two kiddos of my own. My daughter, Makenzie,  is entering 8th grade and my son, Kyle,  will be in 5th. They are smart, funny, helpful, kind kids, and I’m very proud to be their mom!

We also have 2 non-human  members of our family,

Sadie is our Golden Retriever, and Pedey (named after our favorite baseball player Dustin Pedroia) is our Fancy Leopard Gecko.He’s cute, his food…not so much (hint…hint…find out what he eats to see what I’m not a fan of). Do you have any pets?


In my spare time, I love to read, cook, watch old movies, ride bikes, and play dominoes. Have you ever played dominoes? It’s a great way to sharpen your math skills!11229545_10207367902342673_1913818204694460086_n

This summer I visited the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.Do you know where San Francisco is? See if you can find it on a map! Did you do anything fun this summer?

I’m looking forward to this year, and I hope you are as well. I know we’re headed on an adventure that will be exciting and memorable. Check back soon to see more!

Ms. Myers

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