Character Traits of Phineas and Ferb

Our class brainstormed character traits of the our favorite Disney characters, Phineas and Ferb. Here’s what we came up with in just a few minutes…


Wall Wisher Character Traits

Grades, Scholastic, and other class updates

The first scholastic book order is available. This year we will be participating in The Global Read Aloud. The story that has been chosen is Charlotte’s Web. Students will have to share my classroom set among themselves, but I don’t have enough for every child. If you would like your student to have their own copy it’s available on scholastic now for ONLY $1!! If you order online it will be delivered straight to our class and I will make sure your student receives his/her copy to keep. You can get to our scholastic page with this link: SCHOLASTIC .  If it asks you for our class activation code, it is: GML82, or you can just type in my name.

Grades have been posted for our first weeks’ assignments. Your gradebook wizard login is the same as last year and can be accessed here….

Technology Portal for Parents:


AR goals have also been set, so make sure your kiddo is reading at home. We have time every day, after lunch, for tests to be taken. If they’re worried about waiting through the morning to take the test, the library is almost always available before school.

Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!


We made it through our first (half) week!

Whew, what a great week! I loved meeting all of you and hope you feel the same way about our new class. We really do have a great group this year. Let me just say thanks to all of you for getting through all of the tests we had to complete. It wasn’t easy, I’m sure! You did great and now we are ready to get on with our “real” classwork. This week we are going to start following our butterflies, read a story about a pretty smart dog, and start to think about some big numbers. You’re ready for all of this!


Take a look at a few of the pictures I took. We’ll be taking lots more this  year.

No scissors! Was that harder or easier? Why?

What was one of the adjectives you used to describe yourself? Do you still like that same adjective today, or do you feel like you’re something else today. Adjectives can change depending on what we are doing and how we are feeling!

You created a self-portrait from our adjectives. Find another self portrait of someone famous and add a comment to our blog of who you found!


My, oh my, where did summer go? A new school year is already upon us, and it’s going to be a great one!

Welcome to our third grade class. My name is Shana Myers and this is my third year here at Four Peaks. Like many people here, I’m not an Arizona native. I spent my childhood in Maine and was transplanted here in high school. Completely different environments, I know! In my adult years, I’ve also lived in Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina before returning to AZ…and here we are.

In addition to those you loan me daily, I have two kiddos of my own. My daughter, Makenzie,  is entering 5th grade 

and my son, Kyle,  will be in 2nd. Both are proud to be Roadrunners and love it here at FPES.

We also have 2 non-human  members of our family, Sadie is our Golden Retriever, and Pedey (named after our favorite baseball player Dustin Pedroia) is our Fancy Leopard Gecko.He’s cute, his food…not so much (hint…hint…find out what he eats to see what I’m not a fan of).

I’m looking forward to this year, and I hope you are as well. I know we’re headed on an adventure that will be exciting and memorable. Check back soon to see more!

Ms. Myers


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