Safe Travels to the South Pole!

This week we’ve been learning about penguins and we’ve discovered (thank you Mrs. Hamman) a project where we make penguin postcards and we’re sending them off to Antarctica! A scientist there, that experiences the life of penguins, is going to send our postcards back to us with a postmark from Antarctica on them! We are excited about this because we’ve learned some interesting facts about penguins. Some of the following things we find fascinating:

The Little Blue penguin is as small as a large duck.

Emperor Penguins are as large as an average 3rd grader (that’s us!).

Penguins slide on their bellies, and it looks like they’re going surfing! Hang ten!

Adelie penguins steal rocks from other penguins’ nests to build their own. We think this is funny.

The name of a where penguins make their nests is called the rookery.

Penguins are warm blooded to keep them warm in the cold weather of Antarctica.

Penguins have blubber that protects them from the icy water.

A penguins’ coloring helps to protect it because predators that look up from low in the ocean can’t see the penguin because the white belly looks just like the light from above. The dark back helps because predators that look down into the dark ocean, they can’t see the black back.

Their feet don’t get cold because the blood travels there to keep them warm.

Whenever the penguin is young, it doesn’t have much feathers. But when it gets older, it has a lot.

Penguin dads carry their eggs on their feet to keep them warm and safe.

We are excited to get our postcards back from the South Pole! Here’s a look at our artwork that we are sending off.

Watching Grass Grow…

A couple of weeks ago we began an experiment to see the effects of varying a specific part of an ecosystem. We wondered how grass would grow if we changed the food source for the seeds.
Our independent variables are soil, sand, and rocks.
Our controls include water, room temperature, and sunlight.
Our dependent variable is the grass’ growth.
Our hypothesis is that grass will grow the best in nutrient rich soil.

After 10 days, we’ve begun to notice some results.

Here are our observations:

Cups 1 and 3: independent variable – sand
The sand looks moldy and crumbly. Seeds are still present. There is still water in the cup and mushed up sand. Some of the seeds are sprouting a little bit, but not enough to measure. The cup smells like the beach.

Cups 2 and 6: independent variable – rocks
There is no growth. There is still a lot of water in the cup. The cup smells bad.

Cups 4 and 5: independent variable = soil
We notice grass growing, ranging from .5cm to 1cm, and roots spreading down into the soil. It smells like wet dirt. Most of the seeds have sprouted.

We will continue to observe our experiment through next week.

A question to ponder….knowing what living organisms need to survive in an ecosystem, why are some cups growing grass and others aren’t?

Happy 12/12/12!

We are coming to you in honor of 12/12/12, where we are joining students from all over the globe to blog about 12 specific things.

In our class, we are celebrating all things Christmas, because it is almost Christmas time! This seemed like the perfect thing to blog about today. We hope you like our post, here’s how it starts…

We chose many Christmas traditions in our classroom. We made a list of our favorite traditions and we will list our favorite 12. We voted for what we liked the best on our Smartboard and we tally marked them. Here are our top choices.

12. On Christmas Day we wake up early.
11. We like to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
10. With our family, we have a special dinner.
9. We wake up on Christmas morning and wake up our family.
8. We will perform a play for our family on Christmas day.
7. We like to give gifts around the holidays.
6. Christmas Eve, at night, we give milk and cookies to Santa, because he works hard delivering presents.
5. We like to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays.
4. During the holidays we eat fruitcake.
3. Every year we eat candy canes at Christmas time.
2. On Christmas day we love to open presents with our families.

And our #1 favorite Christmas tradition is….(drum roll, please)

We love to spend time with our families during the holidays!


Do you have traditions of your own that you do with your friends and family? Which tradition do you like the best?


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class


Sending Good Tidings Around the World

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! We are excited that it’s right around the corner, and excited to be able to celebrate with people from around the world. Thanks to a fabulous site, Projects By Jen, we have been able to connect with 29 other elementary schools to exchange holiday cards. We have cards heading to nearby states, and some going as far as Australia. This year’s theme is snow globes, but we had to add our own Arizona twist to the mix. We’ve been able to see some pictures from the other participating classes, and hope to connect more with them in the near future!

You may not want to invite this old lady to dinner!

There Was An Old Lady Who Ate A LOT! from Shana Myers on Vimeo.

Our third graders recently tackled the world of stanzas, scenes, and chapters. We thought it would be fun to create an original stanza to feed a very hungry old lady. She’ll eat anything! Take a look at our original creations, but be warned that you may develop some strange food cravings!

Sea Turtles by Stephanie and Hailey

Dear, Ms.Myers class we made a video from animoto. We made the video about sea turtles. We did some research on the ipad.We made the video for you.We hope you like it!!

Hailey and Stephanie


Keep Phoenix Beautiful

We’re about to start a story in our class that will push us to take a closer look at how we impact the environment. To start us off, Miss Evelyn, from Keep Phoenix Beautiful, came to teach us about the three R’s. We learned not only what each means, but also ways that we can do each of these important steps in helping keep our Earth beautiful. We brainstormed ways to Reduce (using less water, riding bikes, turning off lights), Reuse (not throwing away scraps of paper, reusing a cup more than once), and what items we can Recycle. We learned that it can be a lot easier to help than we thought! After the presentation, we put down on paper the ideas we came up with. Here’s a video showing our Go Green posters.

The end credit of the video didn’t carry over to the published version. Music is by Jack Johnson, titled The Three R’s. Artwork is original, done by Ms. Myers’ class.

Landmarks Nate Might have Seen…

You’ve had time to do the research, now it is time to share what you’ve found.


Lets meet up and chat!


Nate the Great Vocab Words

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Search Engine

I want you to do a little research this week. The setting of our weekly story is San Francisco, California. Let’s see what you can find out about it…

Begin your search here:

I want you to see what famous LANDMARKS you can find there. That’s the keyword I want you to search.

More to come in class….

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