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Santa’s Missing List: Part 2

Dear Readers,


We didn’t give up. We traveled the world.




After finding the list , we couldn’t contain our excitement. Take a look at our Instapolars. So

me of our photos got a lot of likes!

img_20161221_121443 img_20161221_121437














We received SO many likes, and new followers, that the news interviewed us! We’re famous! Check out our news story below.

breaking-news-3-3 breaking-news-8 breaking-news-5 breaking-news-3


So don’t worry, Christmas is saved (unless, of course, you were on the naughty list.)!


Ms. Myers’ Class

Santa’s List is Missing and We’re on the Case!

Last week, we discovered that Santa has lost his Naughty and Nice list. While we understand that this might be a good thing for those on the naughty list, we want to make sure us good kids get our presents!


We began our search by “texting” our friends the news. It was so exciting, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! img_20161219_140158


After that, we decided to visit some places around the world, to see if Santa had accidentally dropped his list, while he was sightseeing. Using latitude and longitude clues, we used Google Maps to visit places like The Great Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, Victoria Falls, Mount Everest, and the Eiffel Tower.


Once we find the list, we still need to get it back to Santa in the North Pole! Stay tuned to see what happens next in this mystery!

Inventions Then and Now: Haden

Recently, our class combined a reading standard, of comparing and contrasting, with our science standards of investigating inventions. Haden decided to compare and contrast video games of the past with those we know today. Take a look at his perspective.

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