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Student Authors: Saving Sam Experiment

Saving Sam by Brisa

Dear Readers,our class did this fun experiment
called Saving Sam. To do this you will need:A plastic cup,live savers(gummy),gummy worm,and four paper clips.
We had groups and we all worked together.This is how my group worked.We unwrapped all the paper clips so we can stretch the gummy life saver.Then we made a hook
shape with the paper clip to pick up Sam.Finally,we got Sam in!After that we got our own life saver and gummy worm.
Everybody got Sam in. After we waited for some groups to finish.They got to eat some too.
You could try this experiment too.To play fun games go to


Saving Sam by Jesse

Hi my name is Jesse and today I will be talking about saving Sam

The first thing you need is a plastic cup. the second is a bag of gummy worms. The third detail is a lifesaver. the forth detail is tow paper clips.This is all you need but then there is more to do. Now you need to put the lifesaver under the cup then you put the gummy worm on top then you try to put the gummy worm into the lifesaver.

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