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Tweeting: We participated in Skypeathon 2015!

Dear Readers, 

Today we participated in an event called Skypeathon. This was a goal set to see how many miles classes could virtually travel to visit other classrooms, and places. We participated by playing in two Mystery Skypes. Our first Mystery Skype was with Mrs. Boucher’s classes in Vermont. It took us a little while to figure them out, but we didn’t give up! We learned that it’s cold in Vermont!

Our second Mystery Skype was with Mrs. Henry’s second grade class in Colorado. They did a really good job when they were asking and answering questions.

We had a lot of fun “traveling” to other states and meeting new friends. Have you ever done a Mystery Skype in your class? What was your favorite state that you “visited”?


Your friends,

Ms. Myers’ Class


Tweeting: Poetry Slam

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