Dear Readers,

Every year, Ms. Myers’ class participates in a global project, hosted by Jen Wagner of “Projects By Jen”. Teachers from all over the world sign up to take part in a good will exchange between students. Every class is instructed to create 30 cards which are mailed out to the other schools, and to one community service organization. This year, the theme for all of our cards is Lights! Our class has begun our cards by writing a friendly letter that we will include in the envelope. Today, we are starting the actual creation part of the cards! We’re excited because we get to be creative, and because we are looking forward to hearing from new connections around the world. After we receive the cards, we hope to Skype with some of the classes on our list. It would be great to keep that connection going for other projects.

Here’s the map of the classrooms we’re connecting with through this project:

Have you ever been to any of these places? Yesterday, we took a quick look at them to see what it’s like where they live. A lot of them would be surprised at the desert in our very own backyard!

We’ll update you as we receive the cards. We can’t wait!

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class