Dear Readers,

My class was doing a pumpkin project.We had to get in  six groups because there were six pumpkins.So after that, my class got a paper that was asking questions about what you think about the pumpkin. The questions were what did we estimate for the number of seeds in the pumpkin. After we each did our own estimate, we had to find the range of guesses for everyone in our group. Also, we had to measure the circumference of the pumpkin. So after that we had to pick up the pumpkins top and count the seeds, but  we had to count in 10`s 0r by anything you want to count by.When we did that we sat in our desks and see who got the most pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Seed Project on PhotoPeach


Have you done anything like a pumpkin seed project?Do you think you want to do anything like this?


Your friend,