Dear readers,
Yesterday we had a fire safety day. That meant there was a person named Tina. 20141104_100634She told us all about safety. She told us that we had to have a thing that I have in each of the rooms of our home, it was an alarm. The fire alarm makes a really loud noise when there is smoke.
Do you have a fire alarm?
20141104_102858We also went in a fire truck, and we also saw fire fighters. There was I think 3 or 4 of them. We went inside of the fire truck and there were 3 seats,a hose,ladder,chainsaw,and they had other stuff too. then we asked questions. They answered all of them. Then we got a paper that we had to draw our house and put the meeting spot on there and show our family where the meeting spot is, so we’re ready if there is a fire.
Have you ever seen inside of a fire truck? What questions would you ask a fire fighter?

Your friend,