Dear Readers,

Today, in class, we did a project called Saving Sam. Ms. Myers gave us a problem. She told us that Sam (a worm) was on a boat that was upside down and he needed to get off of it and into his lifesaver, that was floating in the water. There were some challenges:
1. You couldn’t touch him with your hands.
2. He had to get into the lifesaver.
3. He couldn’t float in the water, because he can’t swim, and he’d drown.

First, we hooked Sam with paperclips because we can’t touch him with our hands (or else we’ll be disqualified). Then, we realized we needed to stretch out the lifesaver, that way Sam could fit into it. Next, we had to try to get him into the lifesaver, so he could float on top of the water. When we finally got him into the lifesaver, we then had to get him into the boat. Sam was saved!

This project wasn’t easy! We had some problems. One problem was getting him into the lifesaver. It was hard because one person had to hold it open, and the other person had to wiggle him in, all while only using paperclips! Another thing that was hard was getting Sam to fit into the lifesaver, because his head was too big. We solved it by shoving his “other end” in first. It was also hard to not touch him, or anything else.

This project was fun for us. It was fun because we got to eat the gummy worms after we saved him. It was also fun because it was challenging. We also like working with partners, and we worked it out.

Have you ever done a project kind of like this? Have you ever celebrated saving Sam? Do you think you would like to try this task?

Take a look at our video below to see what fun we had.

Your friends,
Ms. Myers’ Class