We’re about to start a story in our class that will push us to take a closer look at how we impact the environment. To start us off, Miss Evelyn, from Keep Phoenix Beautiful, came to teach us about the three R’s. We learned not only what each means, but also ways that we can do each of these important steps in helping keep our Earth beautiful. We brainstormed ways to Reduce (using less water, riding bikes, turning off lights), Reuse (not throwing away scraps of paper, reusing a cup more than once), and what items we can Recycle. We learned that it can be a lot easier to help than we thought! After the presentation, we put down on paper the ideas we came up with. Here’s a video showing our Go Green posters.

The end credit of the video didn’t carry over to the published version. Music is by Jack Johnson, titled The Three R’s. Artwork is original, done by Ms. Myers’ class.