Week 5 for Lollipop

Monday, Lollipop went home with Andy.  He met Andy’s puppy and they had fun together.  Lollipop drew a picture with Andy’s pencils and they had a blast!

2014-05-19 11.11.35

While Lollipop was at Andy’s house, a new friend joined.  Andy gave Lollipop a frog friend.  There are other “Humphrey” books and some of them have a frog in them too.  Thank you Andy!

Nicky took Lollipop home on Tuesday.  Lollipop rode on Nicky’s puppy, ate Mexican tacos and then he met Nicky’s other three dogs.

Lollipop went home with Tegan on Wednesday.  They went to Burger King for dinner and Tegan got a cheese burger.  They watched movies and Tegan tossed Lollipop into the air.  They read some more of the “Humphrey” book that night.

Dylan took Lollipop home on Thursday night.  They went to the store after school.  They bought chips and cereal.    Dylan’s mom then gave him a quarter for the quarter machine.  He got a blue Angry Bird eraser.  They went home and had chicken, potatoes and green beans for dinner.  They had ice cream for dessert.  After dessert they watched TV and went to bed.

Mrs. Miller took Lollipop home for the weekend!  Lollipop met Arlie and Makenna.  Mr. Miller was fishing that night so they got Sonic and watched Frozen before bed time.  Saturday, they did some work around the house first.  Mr. Miller took Makenna to see “Bears” at the movies.   She liked it a lot too!  On Sunday, everyone got more work done around the house and had Makenna’s favorite dinner!



Week 4 Lollipop

Monday May 5th, Lollipop went home with Stephanie.  He helped her with her homework and the family ate hotdogs and chicken for dinner.  Stephanie put in “Casper Meets Wendy” to watch.  They ate chips and salsa for a snack.  The kids played Hide and Go Seek and Lollipop picked a very good spot to hide!  That next morning he went with Stephanie to Walk to School.  They had fun.

Tuesday, he went home with Jacob.  Jacob let Lollipop play on his tablet and they played Subway Surfers.  They ate pizza and had fun.  Lollipop was left at Jacob’s home for a few extra days by accident but it sounds like they had fun.

Lollipop went home with Cynthia on Friday.  They first went to Cynthia’s aunt’s house to get her little sister and then to McDonalds for a soda.  They watched “Frozen” when they got home.  On Saturday Lollipop jumped on her bed and had ice cream for lunch.  They watched her uncle play Guitar Hero and then they went to the lake.  Sunday came and Cynthia finished the “Huphrey” book.  Her aunt came over to cook dinner and Cynthia had to clean her room.  It was a fun weekend.

2014-05-19 11.11.03

Letter “C” Day

Today was letter C day.  We ate cookies and with the cookies we did a fun experiment.   I got to crumble up the whole cookie to find chocolate chips.

-Reported by: Nevaeh


Today was letter C day.  We made a paper about our favorite cookie.  We also made a fossil digging paper.  We dug chocolate chips out of a cookie.  I had 42 fossils.

-Reported by: Alexander


cookie dig from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Lollipop after Week 1

2014-04-21 13.35.39


Lollipop has been to four houses this week.  He has helped Lilly clean up her mess and watched her eat mini cheeseburgers on Monday.  He also heard Lilly’s mom read chapter 2 and 3 from “The World According to Humphrey”.

On Tuesday, he went home with Rylee and wrote about going with Rylee to her babysitters house, eating hot pockets, playing with a kitty and watching a movie.

On Wednesday, Lollipop went home with Gus.  They played with his new puppy Gizmo, played on his tablet, had a dance party in the backroom and ate some crumb cakes. 

On Thursday, Christi got to take Lollipop home for the 3 day weekend!  Lollipop was able to go to the Library, go in Christi’s tree house and to a t-ball game.  Later he had pizza at Costco and went to Christi’s nana’s for a sleep over.  On Friday, they watched a movie and made bead necklaces.  On Saturday, the family celebrated an early Easter and went to the park for Uncle Travis.  Then on Sunday, they all collected eggs and Lollipop got to go see Rio 2 at the movie theater. 

Over all, it was a pretty successful first week.


We talked about what the sequence of a story means.  Second graders just need to know what happens in the beginning, middle and end of a story.  Our class took it one more step and learned about the important transition words, first, next, then and last.  Most fictional stories can be retold with these words.

We read different stories in our reading groups and had to create a flip-book with our own words to sequence the events in the story.  Here are some of our extraordinary books…



Reading Magazines

Sometimes we read information from magazines.  This week we read from Scholastic News about nocturnal animals that have just been discovered.

Click here to see the magazine article we read…


After reading and closely looking for facts and information, we filled out a 3,2,1.

To fill out a 3,2,1, we needed to find

3 facts we learned while reading,

2 questions for the author, and

1 thing we found to be most interesting.


Here are some of the facts that were recorded from our class…

The owl’s hooting sounded like a whistle. -Luke

Scientists wanted to learn more about the animals that live in a part of Africa.-Rylee

Did you take these pictures or are they fake?- Rylee

Scientists were in the forest at night. -Nicole

Kayan Slow Loris is poisonous. -Jacob

They uses infrared cameras. -Nevaeh

Bats are nocturnal.-Kaylin


Here are some questions for the author recorded form our class…

How did you get so close?- Luke

How did you see the night animals? -Lilly

Are you a scientist? -Oryion

How did the three animals behave? -Nevaeh

Is there more new animals? -Xander

How does a Slow Loris poison you? -Xander

How does the camera take pictures in the dark?- Daniel


Here are the most interesting facts recorded from our class...

Badger Bats are black and white. -Tegan

Bats live in a part of Africa. -Kaylin

When they talked about the Badger Bat. -Daniel

Slow Lorises are poisonous. -Gus