Letters D-G


Today was Dictionary Day.  We learned how to find words and what guide words are. -Reported by Rileigh

Today was experiment day.  We did Magic Milk and the Rind Trick.  My favorite is bottle Blob and Magic Milk. -Reported by Joseph

experiments 2018 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Today was Favorite Day.   I brought in my family thing and we watched Mrs. Miller’s favorite movie (The Incredibles)  -Reported by Charlie


Today was game day.  Today we played games and we had fun. -Reported by Daniel

August Student of the Month

On Thursday Charlie was picked as student of the month for our class.


My Movie from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.



Mrs. Miller asked us why we think Charlie was picked and here are our responses…

Because Charlie was being good and helpful and a role model. -Kassidy

Because he was doing math right and other stuff right. -Nicholas

Because he does his work. -Prestin

Because he was being good. -Javier

Because he is nice to the teacher and he is good at math and he does everything for the teacher. -Daniel

Because Charlie follows directions and sits quiet in his seat. -Jasmine

The teacher chose Charlie because he is good and helpful. -Paul

Because he was always being a friend to everybody and helpful to the teacher. -Allison

Because he is a good kid and he listens all the time and he is polite to other students and Charlie is quiet. -Logan

The teacher picked Charlie because he has good handwriting and he listens to the teacher.- Rylee

Charlie got picked because he is good and he listens. He also picked up the biggest trash and it was difficult kind of trash. -Rileigh

Because he stays quiet and he listens.  He listens the most and he is good at listening. -Luis

Because he is all ways mindful and does random acts of kindness and supports safe choices. -Savannah

Because he listens to the teacher and goes tot he top of the clip chart.  He is the best student. -Mark

He participated.  He had a bubble in his mouth and he was kind. -Dalton

Because he has nice handwriting. -Marek

He is a good friend and he is the best student. -Paige

I think because he was nice to the teacher. -Cali

Because he was the quietest and he was the right choice. -Parker

Because he is good and because his writing is good. -Payton

Because he was doing good, he is very nice and he helps Mrs. Miller. -Johanna

Because he’s a good kid and he helps out people and he helps clean. -Joseph

Because he is good and he writes good too. -Kayln

Because he is the teacher’s helper. -Aiden

Charlie was chosen because he does random acts of kindness and he listens to the teacher Mrs. Miller.  He follows the rules and he does not hurt anybody.  He is kindful and he is not rude. -Kaleb

Because he was being a really good student. -Braydon


Adventures with Lollipop

Our first few weeks of taking turns with babysitting Lollipop went quickly.  Here is what Lollipop was up to…

“We were watching movies, reading and walking.  We were having fun and he is happy to be with me.  This is the best day ever!!!!

Me and Lollipop were together and reading and he said that he likes his adventures.  We are at chapter 3, Sad-Mad-Bad.  It is page 22.  I like my day and Lollipop does too!!!

I love being with Lollipop and we are at a soccer game.  We are having fun.”

-Written  by: Kiara



We went out with me to dinner.  I showed my friends in the neighborhood.  He watched me play video games.  It was fun.

-Written by: Colton


Me and Lollipop had a doughnut and did our homework.  Then we watched cartoons.  Then ate dinner.  Then read our book.  Then went to bed.

-Written by Mikayla

img_0427 img_0429


Lollipop and I played and watched movies and this is the best day ever!  Lollipop and I read for 30 minutes of Humphrey and he liked it.  Now I’m sad because I have to bring him to our class and another kid will get Lollipop and he will have another adventure.

-Written by: Hunter


Lollipop and I are going to my aunt’s the 16th and 17th.  I am going to my birthday party.  I skated at Skateland with Lollipop.  Me and Lollipop went for a walk and we went to my friend’s house and we jumped on the trampoline.  Best day ever!

-Written by: Kailee


I was having fun with Lollipop at a lot of cool places.  I took him for a ride.  We ate together.  We played games together.  Lollipop played with my little sister Sofia.

-Written by: Hector


Lollipop is a good colorer.  He is the best colorer ever!  I have colored 6 pages with Lollipop.  Lollipop walked to the bus stop with me.

-Written by: Issy



Some Holiday Fun

Our class has gotten into the holiday spirit.  Today was super busy with two big projects.  The first thing we worked on was a picture grid.  Each student was given a different section to color and to follow the color code.  After everyone had colored their pieces, we started to put it together using the grid guidelines.  Here are some pictures.


The next big activity we did was gingerbread houses!  Oh the fun we had!!

Frogs and Toads

Our class has been learning a lot about frogs and toads.  We haven been busy putting all of our information into our own Lapbooks to showcase our learning.  Here is some of the new facts we have learned about.


“Frogs live on land near water.  Frogs can be eaten by snakes and birds.  Frogs hunt for spiders and flies.”-Rylee


“A tadpole breathes with its gills and it lives in the water.  It has a tail and growing legs.  It is eaten by dragon fly larvae and water beetles.” -Ali


“Frogs use their legs to jump high” -Makana


“I learned that water beetles eat tadpoles and dragonflies.  They smell and hear with vibrations.  Frogs have sight and hearing and breathes with lungs.” -Maddy

image image image

“Frogs have lots of prey like snakes, birds, wolves, foxes and people. Those are the prey” -A.J.

image image

“I learned that tadpoles have gills, and breathe with them.  I learned that there is a froglet too.” -Bailey




Lollipop Week 3

Another epic week for Lollipop!

Monday night, Lollipop went home with Alexxis. He helped her with her homework and had fun telling stories with her sisters. Alexxis also made him a bed right next to her bed to sleep in so he didn’t have to sleep in the box.

Tuesday night, Lollipop went home with Quincey. They went to the store, worked on homework, watched Netflix, then finished the night by reading “The World According to Humphrey”.

Lollipop went home with Danna on Wednesday night. He got to ride on he dog’s back and watch the family eat tacos. He met her sisters Ivanna and Allison too. They watched T.V. and then listened to Danna’s mom read about Humphrey.

Thursday, during the day, Lollipop got an unexpected surprise! He got to go with our class to see “Bears” at the movie theater. Matthew was the lucky boy who got to take Lollipop and make sure he was having a good time. Lollipop thought is was amazing how much danger the bear family faced.

IMG_20140501_100304_615(1) IMG_20140501_093825_817

On Thursday night, he went home with Daniel. Tacos again for dinner and then watched “The Amazing Spiderman”. They took a ride to pick up their P.T. Cruiser and Daniel fell asleep in the car. Later, they took a ride on Daniel’s scooter and bike, then played on the computer.

Friday was the start of the weekend and Lollipop went home with Zoei.  On Friday, they went to Stephanie’s house (she is in our class!), got pizza, watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

On Saturday, they watched “Three Little Pigs and a Baby”, and met some new friends.  Sunday was the busiest day!  Lollipop got to ride a horse and goats. He played in a different hamster cage and hamster ball.  They then went to the lake and he got to climb a tree.  His favorite part was the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling!

Math Thinkers

In class we have been working hard on different topics in math.  We have been focusing on measurement this week.  Students are being asked to take their thinking to the next level.  Check out what we have been up to…

2014-03-17 13.32.51 2014-03-17 13.33.00 2014-03-17 13.33.15 2014-03-17 13.33.54 2014-03-17 13.34.04 2014-03-17 13.35.14 2014-03-17 13.38.20 2014-03-17 13.39.20 2014-03-17 13.39.40 2014-03-17 13.40.48 2014-03-17 13.40.53

Students were asked to use any type of non standard unit and measure items around the room.  Some students used paperclip chains, some used cubes and others used their own feet.

Students needed to record their findings and show how they measured their items.


Next, we had a sticky situation. 

2014-03-20 13.43.34 2014-03-20 13.45.19 2014-03-20 13.45.22 2014-03-20 13.45.24 2014-03-20 13.45.29 2014-03-20 13.45.33 2014-03-20 13.45.36 2014-03-20 13.45.53 2014-03-20 13.48.01 2014-03-20 13.48.49 2014-03-20 13.55.40 2014-03-20 13.55.48 2014-03-20 13.56.18

Students needed to measure gummy worms in both inches and centimeters.  Then, they needed to stretch the worm as far as they could and remeasure.  They also had the find the difference between.  Way too much fun to be math, right?

We can solve!

Our class took on a challenge and wanted to find out which paper towel worked the best for us to write up for a lab writeup.  We used the blogsite Solve It Your Way.  As small groups, students met with the question and had to come up with a plan on how we should test this question.

We discussed all of our ideas and shared with the class.  We came up with a plan but needed to write our hypothesis.  We found three friends and shared our thoughts.

We tested these types of papertowels.

Students could not wait to get the experiment going.  They got the materials they needed and started to test the products.  Each team was also given an iPad to document their research. 


This was just the beginning.  Each student had to fill out a Lab Report using the scientific method to show their findings and results.  Below, are a few great examples from the write ups.



Which paper towel cleans up water the best? -Nicole



I think Sparkle will work the best because it looks like it will clean up water the best. -Kaylin

I think Sparkle will win, because I think they are softer than the others, and because they look cleaner. -Nevaeh

I think Sparkle will clean up the water the best because the picture is a sparkle house. -Tegan

I think they will all kinda clean the best but I think that Viva will work the best because it looks cleaner.- Rylee

I think Scott is going to win becasue it cleans up tough messes.- Jacob



1. Get a paper towel

2. Drop 2 water drops

3. Make sure it’s enough

4. Put paper towel onto the water

5. Wait a moment for the paper towel to get in the water

6. take the paper towel off



1. We got a paper towel

2. We dripped some water onto the table

3. We wiped up the water

4. We looked to see how much water it got.

5. We did the same with all five.



1. We dropped 1 drop of water

2. Then we dried the drop with the napkin

3. Then we found out witch one did the best




I think it is Bounty becasue it did not leave any water and my group thought it was Bounty too.  So we think it is Bounty so Bounty Wins.- Danna

I think Bounty was the best becasue Bounty cleaned up the best at our group and our group did not see a spill. -Zoei

The team and I thought that Bounty did the best becasue it left the least amount of water. -Kaylin



I thought Sparkle would win but I was wrong becasue I tried and tried and tried.  And my teacher told me too. It was Bounty that won. -Stephanie

I thought Sparkle would win but Bounty won. -Gus

I thought Sparkle was going to win but it didn’t win.  So I choose Scott, it worked. -Joseph

I thought Scott will do the best because I didn’t know that it was the worst, but actually Bounty did the best. -Daniel


Our amazing groups…

2013-11-20 13.55.45 2013-11-20 13.58.07 2013-11-20 13.55.01 2013-11-20 13.57.06