Teaching Fables in Second Grade

In class we took time to learn about fables and folktales.  Students were divided into four different groups to learn a fable and study the moral.  Each group was then responsible to make a video to share the summary of story.  They are listed below.


The Ant and the Grasshopper

ant and grasshopper video from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


The Lion and the Mouse

lion and mouse from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.



The Tortoise and the Hare

tortoise and the hare from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Boy who cried wolf from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Now, tell me what you think?  Which moral did you like best?

What Is A Diagram?

In the middle of learning about penguins, we needed to fill in a diagram on one.  We paused a moment and the students told me what a diagram was.  Here is what they came up with.

2014-12-10 10.07.11



Is there anything you can think of we might have forgotten?



Then we filled in our penguin diagrams.


2014-12-10 10.08.03 2014-12-10 10.10.20 2014-12-10 10.10.30

Whale Reports

Our class found out facts about whales.  We wrote reports to show all that we learned.  There were four groups that researched different types of whales.  The whales we researched were the Right Whale, Humpback Whale, Orca and Blue Whale.  After the reports were finished, we made new groups where every student became the “expert”  of their whale and shared the facts they learned.

After we shared our facts, we discussed the fact which students felt to be the most important, the SIZE!  We first discussed the average size of each whale, then organized the data from each whale.

Orca Whale- 25 feet

Right Whale- 55 feet

Humpback Whale- 48 feet

Blue Whale- 98 feet


As a teacher, I did not feel the students understood the true meaning of each size, so we took it outside.  We joined Mrs. Trisoliere’s class to see how long each whale really was.  Here are some pictures from the day.

2014-11-19 14.24.55

Orca Whale


2014-11-19 14.25.02

Right Whale


2014-11-19 14.25.19

Humpback Whale


2014-11-19 14.17.20

Blue Whale (WOW!!)


The students who learned about the Blue Whale also learned that its heart alone, is the size of a small car!  So we found one and stood around it.

2014-11-19 14.22.34


It took 18 kids to go around “the heart”.





We are working on alliteration in poetry.  What is alliteration?  It is a sentence where every word starts with the same letter.  Here are some of ours we made up in class…

Ali ate an apple again and again.

Bailey’s brother bragged because he bought a book before Bailey.

Dad is down in the dome. -written by Xzander, too hard to write with his name

Michael made mummies for Mummy World.

Lela loves little lions that are lost.

Jose is jumping rope on a jeep with juice.

Rylee remembered to run from roadrunners.

A.J. ate an apple at an alley and ate an almond.

Brandon baked barbeque beef with his brother.

Riley rode on the rope with her ruby ring.

Cody caught a coyote with his cousin.

Tori’s teacher will teach today and tomorrow.

Gavin the gazelle grazed green grass on the ground with a giraffe and goat.

Haley is happy she did her hard homework then got hurt.

Maddy’s monsters made muffins for mom.

Carlos is catching his cold cat.

Graham got a good gorilla.

Noah needs to make Nathan a necklace next November.


 Can you write one?  They are not as easy as they look.





Scavenger Hunt

We participated in a Frog Scavenger Hunt.  The hunt was for facts.  We took a sheet with questions on it and went to search for the answers around the room.  We found out facts like…

What do frog eggs feel like?

Do a tadpole’s front legs or back legs appear first?

Why don’t frogs live in the ocean?

Are adult frogs herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores?

Do you know the answers to any of these?

Frogs and Toads

Our class has been learning a lot about frogs and toads.  We haven been busy putting all of our information into our own Lapbooks to showcase our learning.  Here is some of the new facts we have learned about.


“Frogs live on land near water.  Frogs can be eaten by snakes and birds.  Frogs hunt for spiders and flies.”-Rylee


“A tadpole breathes with its gills and it lives in the water.  It has a tail and growing legs.  It is eaten by dragon fly larvae and water beetles.” -Ali


“Frogs use their legs to jump high” -Makana


“I learned that water beetles eat tadpoles and dragonflies.  They smell and hear with vibrations.  Frogs have sight and hearing and breathes with lungs.” -Maddy

image image image

“Frogs have lots of prey like snakes, birds, wolves, foxes and people. Those are the prey” -A.J.

image image

“I learned that tadpoles have gills, and breathe with them.  I learned that there is a froglet too.” -Bailey




Building Vocabulary

We had our first set of vocabulary words last week and we decided to take time and act out the words.  Here are some pictures from the day.  Can use guess which word they are acting out?

Our words were spotted, handsome, sideways, sparkling, dull, and exciting.


Lollipop after week 2

2014-04-30 10.55.04


Lollipop had another exciting week.  Full of adventure and fun!  On Monday he went home with Zachary.  He went to a friend’s house and watched the boys play on the computer.  Zachary took Lollipop to WallMart for candy and Circle K for soda.  Later, Lollipop got to cuddle with Zachary’s dog Toby.

On Tuesday, Lollipop went home with Joseph.  They ate Mexican tacos for dinner and went to the mall.  Joseph bought a big bag of Takis and Cheetos with his own money.  Lollipop liked Joseph’s baby sister too.

Lollipop went home with Nevaeh on Wednesday.  He met her mom, uncle, grandma and little brother.  When Nevaeh’s mom was reading Humphrey that night, Lollipop got to play with Nevaeh’s brother.  They had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.  Lollipop also got to meet Nevaeh’s “real” hamster, Angel, and had a sleep over. 

On Thursday, Lollipop went home with Kaylin.  He watched her do her homework.  He met her little brother and two dogs.  They went to grandma’s house.  Kaylin and her uncle had a water gun fight.  Kaylin also showed her family some of the  experiments the class did that day.  They did the spear-it, balloon-up, penny change, and magic milk.  Lollipop stayed with Kaylin for the weekend and had fun playing in the water some more.