Gummy Worm Measuring

To help wrap up our unit of measuring items we had some fun with measuring gummy worms.  First we needed to measure them in both centimeters and inches and write down how long they were.  Next, we had to stretch our worm and see how much longer they could go.  We wrote down our new lengths and then got to eat our worm.

Gummy Worm from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Busy With 3D Shapes

We took some time before we learned everything there was to know about 3D shapes to explore.  We learned about what faces, edges and vertices were and then we got into pairs to explore geometry.  See our pictures below to see us hard at work.

Measuring Sugar

We are learning all about measurement.  The day we learned about weighing, we that grams is the smallest tool for measurement.  We looked at the nutrition facts on some of our favorite drinks to see how much sugar was in them.  Check out our video.

how much sugar from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.



Here is the picture from the video that shows what we knew before we started to learn about weighing.

2015-01-13 12.53.23

Here is the chart we made in class to help us organize our thoughts on measuring weight.


2015-01-12 15.35.36

Math Thinkers

In class we have been working hard on different topics in math.  We have been focusing on measurement this week.  Students are being asked to take their thinking to the next level.  Check out what we have been up to…

2014-03-17 13.32.51 2014-03-17 13.33.00 2014-03-17 13.33.15 2014-03-17 13.33.54 2014-03-17 13.34.04 2014-03-17 13.35.14 2014-03-17 13.38.20 2014-03-17 13.39.20 2014-03-17 13.39.40 2014-03-17 13.40.48 2014-03-17 13.40.53

Students were asked to use any type of non standard unit and measure items around the room.  Some students used paperclip chains, some used cubes and others used their own feet.

Students needed to record their findings and show how they measured their items.


Next, we had a sticky situation. 

2014-03-20 13.43.34 2014-03-20 13.45.19 2014-03-20 13.45.22 2014-03-20 13.45.24 2014-03-20 13.45.29 2014-03-20 13.45.33 2014-03-20 13.45.36 2014-03-20 13.45.53 2014-03-20 13.48.01 2014-03-20 13.48.49 2014-03-20 13.55.40 2014-03-20 13.55.48 2014-03-20 13.56.18

Students needed to measure gummy worms in both inches and centimeters.  Then, they needed to stretch the worm as far as they could and remeasure.  They also had the find the difference between.  Way too much fun to be math, right?

Solid Figues

In class this week we discovered solid figures.  We learned new vocabulary with faces, edges and vertices.  We took the shapes and worked in groups to count and discuss what we thought the shapes had.


Number of the Day

We have been working on different ways to represent numbers by focusing on a number of the day.  Students are given one number and they need to work through and solve the different ways to represent the number.  Would you be able to use one number and break it down this many times?

2014-01-18 20.01.25 2014-01-18 20.01.43


We can!!!  Practice makes perfect!!!


Thinking about the number 100!

We read a book in math called “The King’s Commissioners”.  We talked about the story elements after we read it.

2013-11-07 15.01.14

Characters: King, Princess, Commissioners

Setting: A palace

Problem: The king wants to find out how many commissioners he has in the kingdom.  He lost count and was counting on his advisors to keep count for him.

Solution: Each advisor kept count by tallies but in different ways.  One counted by 2’s, another counted by 5’s and the princess organized the commissioners by 10’s.  Either way they counted, they got the same answer.


We looked at the numer 100 and wanted to see how many different ways we could make 100.  Students had to use a blank hundreds chart and counted the rows by 10’s and single blocks by 1’s.  They would color the remaining blocks and come up with an addition problem that would represent 100.

2013-11-16 09.29.25 2013-11-16 09.29.32 2013-11-16 09.29.37 2013-11-16 09.29.43

We organized our data and made sure we did not double up on facts.

2013-11-07 15.56.37

We came up with 65 different ways at first.  We looked at the patterns with numbers and talked about the facts we were missing. 

Are there any facts you can think of that equals 100?

Sorry Dads! We’ve got the remotes now!!!

Who doesn’t like to have the remote control all to themselves?  Well our class does and we are learning how to use them in math.  Our teacher gives  us some math problems we type them into our remotes to show our answer.  Our teacher has an iPad that shows all of our answers right then and there.  We too get to see the correct answers.  Check out how focused we are doing our math problems!

Would you like to use remotes when answering questions?  Why or why not?

Food and math always mix!

Today in math we took what we have been learning about even and odd numbers.  Our activity involved cookies and brown “e’s”.  Unfortunately we thought we were getting to eat cookies and brownies…not brown “e’s”.  We ate our cookies fast and started to sort our numbers.  We used different ways to solve the problems.  We counted by 2’s and drew dots to help us solve.  

Look at our final projects.

We like doing projects together with friends.  We talk out our problems and help others find new ways to solve.  When we can cooperate together, we learn more.  Do you like working with others or by yourself better?

We Are Family!!!

Fact Families I mean!

In second grade, it is super important to know all about fact families!  So this week we played some games and learned different ways to show them.  We wrote in our math journals about what makes a fact family and then we created our own definition.

“Three numbers related together to make 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems”

We were then given a number sentence that was part of a fact family.  Without talking we had to walk around the room and find our “family”.  We learned to look for the same three numbers in a different order.  Once we found our “family members” we sat down and laid our sentence stripes down to check.

We are understanding that if we know our addition facts…it will help us with our subtraction facts!  Our next game was called “Pass the Family Relay”.  Each group of four was given a set of three numbers.  The first person in the group wrote one math sentence and passed it to the next person until the fact family is complete.  The first team done would stand up and wait until all teams were done.  Look at the excitement and teamwork!

We think we are getting it and our teacher is proud!  What are your thoughts on fact families?