Letters D-G


Today was Dictionary Day.  We learned how to find words and what guide words are. -Reported by Rileigh

Today was experiment day.  We did Magic Milk and the Rind Trick.  My favorite is bottle Blob and Magic Milk. -Reported by Joseph

experiments 2018 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Today was Favorite Day.   I brought in my family thing and we watched Mrs. Miller’s favorite movie (The Incredibles)  -Reported by Charlie


Today was game day.  Today we played games and we had fun. -Reported by Daniel

ABC Countdown A-C

It is 2nd grade’s favorite time of year!  We are using all the knowledge we have learned this year and staying focused until the end of school.  We take part in the ABC countdown and we would like to share what we did for A-C.


“Today was all about me day.  We did robot posters about us.” -Reported by Marek


“Today was Book Day.  We had special visitors come read to us.”- Reported by Javier

We also decorated our favorite book and colored book worm bookmarks for every book we read.


“Today was Cookie Day.  We ate a lot of cookies and wrote about our favorite kind. ” -Reported by Logan

T, U, V, and W Days

Letter T- Thousands Day

Today was Thousands Day.  We arranged numbers.  It was fun.  We also played a number game and made a thousands cube.  It was fun.  I Love Thousands Day. -Bridgette

Letter U- Un-day

Today was UnDay.  We learned about Palindromes, we drew our names backwards, we drew under our desks, sat in our chairs backwards and watched a movie.  Happy “NU YAD”.   -Kiara

Letter V-Vacation Day

Today was vacation day.  We made flipflops for vacation day.  We also watched a vacation movie.  -Issy

Letter W- Weather Day

It’s letter W Day.  We get to do a weather packet and we watched a movie and we had an amazing day. -Alyiah


P,Q, R, and S Days

Letter P- Puzzle Day

Today we did puzzles on computer and a puzzle page.  We also made our own puzzles. -David G.

Letter Q- Queen and King Day

Today is Q Day for Queen Day.  We got to bring a crown. -Anthony

Letter R- Rock Day

We had to bring rocks from home and bring it to school.  We did a packet about rocks.  We went to the cafeteria to learn about rocks and get rocks.  We got the rocks from the AJ Rock Club.  Letter R was my favorite. -Kiara

May 10, 2017 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter S- Salsa Day

Today was Salsa day.  We did a taste competition.  We had chips and salsa party.  We ate chips and salsa. -Issy



L, M, N, and O days

Letter L- Lunch Day

Today was lunch and lemonade day.  We ate our lunch in the classroom and we drank lemonade. -Kiara



Letter M- Match and Movie Day

Today was letter M Day.  We had movie and match day. -Issy

Letter N- Number Day

Today was letter N day for Number day.  We did number games and it was a fun day. -Hunter V.

Letter O- Orange Day

Today is O day and on O day we had to wear Orange or you could bring something that is orange. -Mikayla

H, I, J, and K Days

Letter H- Hat Day

Today was Letter H day.  For Hat day we got to wear our favorite hat. -Hunter V.

Today Mrs. Miller out on pretty hats. -Josy

Letter I- Insect Day

Today was insect day.  We made insects by blocks and we saw a movie for insect day and watched a video. -Kathie


Letter J- Joke Day

Q: Where do cows like to go on the weekend?    A:To the Moovies

Q: What has 4 wheels and flies?      A: Garbage Truck

Q: What is a boxers favorite drink    A:Fruit Punch

Q: Where do fish sleep?    A: Waterbed

Q: What do you call a broken can opener?    A: A can’t opener

Q: What does the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?  A: Nothing, it just waves.


Letter K- Kindness Day

I am being kind today.  I love being kind because it make me happy and I gave a note to Mrs. Farris, Mrs. Miller, Alyiah, Kathie and Kailee. -Kiara





D, E, F and G Days

Letter D- Dictionary Day

Today was letter D day.  We learned about the dictionary. -Alyiah


Letter E- Experiment Day

Today was letter E day for experiment day.  My favorite experiment was the Ivory Soap experiment. -Issy

2017 experiment from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter F- Favorite Day

Today we had favorite day.  We had to wear our favorite clothes and you could bring in your favorite stuff. -Mikayla

Letter G- Game Day

We played computer games, four corners and board games. -Hector


A, B, and C Days

In 2nd grade we count down the days left of school with the Alphabet.  Here is what we did for letters A-C.


Letter A

“All About Me Day was fun even if I just had to bring myself.  I like to make posters!” -Bridgette

Letter B

Book Day was the most fun day of all because we can bring our book from home.” -Brandon

Letter C

“Today was Cookie Day.  Sometimes we got cookies and we were good.” -Audreanna

Letter Y Day


We made our yearbooks and took time to sign everyone’s.