April Student of the Month

Parker was picked and here is what we think…

Because he was an example.

Because he was nice.

I think that Parker was picked because he is so awesome and he listens.

Because he was quiet.

Parker was chosen because he is always ready.

He was chosen because he was good and listens all the time.

Parker was picked because he was good and listening to the teacher.

Parker was being good and respectful.  And he was the perfect student, YAY!

Because he did his work.

Because he is awesome and cool.

Parker was it because he listens.

Because he is a good student.

Because he listens to the teacher and he does his work that is why he was picked.

Parker got the student of the month because he was nice, kind, and good.

Because he is good and nice.

He is good be cause he is cool.

Parker is always funny and he is always kind to others.  He is cool and awesome.  He is a friend to others because he is never throwing things and he is perfect.  Parker is the best student of the month.

Because he is respectful and good and nice.  He is the best student in our class and he is funny.


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