January Student of the Month

Kassidy was chosen as our student of the month…

Here is what our class had to say when asked why they think she was picked.

Because she is a good student

Kassidy is a nice friend.

Because she is a good student.

She is quiet, respectful and nice.

You picked Kassidy because she helps others.

Kassidy was picked for student of the month because she is kind.

Mrs. Miller picked Kassidy for student of the month because she is kind and nice.

Kassidy was chosen one because she is a good listener.

Because she is kind.

Kassidy is a good kid and is kind and listens.

Because she is awesome and she did her work.

She is nice, respectful, good at math and always listening.

Because she is a nice friend.

Because she is so good  and she does her work.  She does good in class and she does good.

Because Kassidy is good and was quiet reading a book.

Because she was kind and respectful and she does random acts of kindness.

She was nice and helping people.

She was being nice to me and the class and to Mrs. Miller.

She is a nice student.

Because she is role model and a great student and she does her work and she listens to the teacher.

For getting her work done.

Because she was nice and helping and she was good to Mrs. Miller.

Because she is the sweetest girl in the world and she is the greatest friend on the world.


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