September Student of the Month


Jasmine was chosen as the student of the month for September.  Here are the reasons we feel she was picked.

Because she is good.

Because she is a good student and a good friend and nice to people.

Jasmine is good in class.

Mrs. Miller picked Jasmine because she is kind and never, never mean.

She gets good grades and gets purples.  She is good at writing her letters.  She is nice to others.  She helps people when they get hurt.

Because Jasmine does a good job and she is so good.

Jasmine does random acts of kindness and supports safe choices.  She teaches others by example and she is good to people.

Because she is not loud in line and quite and nice.

She was being good and she was being nice to the teacher.

Jasmine is a very good students and she writes good.

She is a good student and she is a good listener and she has been a good classmate too.

Because she is being so nice to the teacher.

Jasmine was good in class and safe in class.

Because she listens all the time.  She is a good student and she is nice to others.

I think Mrs. Miller picked Jasmine because she is nice to others and she never clips down.

Because she has been good for the teacher and to all of us.  She is a good student!

She is nice and kind to others.

Because she is kind.

She is nice and she is good.  She does her work and does good.

She is even nice to other people and nice to us.

She is very nice.

Because she is kind to other students.  She listens and has kind manners.

Because she is good.

She was a mindful listener and good behavior.