P,Q, R, and S Days

Letter P- Puzzle Day

Today we did puzzles on computer and a puzzle page.  We also made our own puzzles. -David G.

Letter Q- Queen and King Day

Today is Q Day for Queen Day.  We got to bring a crown. -Anthony

Letter R- Rock Day

We had to bring rocks from home and bring it to school.  We did a packet about rocks.  We went to the cafeteria to learn about rocks and get rocks.  We got the rocks from the AJ Rock Club.  Letter R was my favorite. -Kiara

May 10, 2017 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter S- Salsa Day

Today was Salsa day.  We did a taste competition.  We had chips and salsa party.  We ate chips and salsa. -Issy



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